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  1. maheswar2006

    Get Free Windows Vista DVDs at

    Its 50:50 here......some recieved the dvd, some did not..... I hope i get 1 soon.. Well all those who recieved the DVD, have u installed it? Share a few experiances of Vista please.... <img src="">
  2. maheswar2006


    thanks digitized, now i can post my screenies... BTW, "fraps" is the best software to get screenies and videos of u playing the game in real time in AVI format, and u also get to see ur FPS in any game u play.....have u tried it?
  3. maheswar2006

    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

  4. maheswar2006

    Geforce 6600 or 6600GT?

    6600GT is available both in AGP and PCI-E versions. 6600GT PcIe is faster than 6600GT AGP.................but 6600GT AGP is costlier than 6600GT pCie.................. Strange world.............. ~~~mahesh~~~
  5. maheswar2006

    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    SONY ERICSSON Somebody started this thread with a large NOKIA.............RIP Heres crowning the new emperor SE all the way
  6. maheswar2006


    I feel silly asking this question, but really i dont know, how do you insert screenshots on ur post?
  7. maheswar2006


    Doom3 and Quake4 operate in openGL (even farcry to an extent). Nvidia cards and detonaters are great performers of openGL games... Most wanted is Direct3D but its low in system resources. I get about 70fps in full settings in 1600X1200.(2XFSAA) Fear is a Direct3d game which demands very high...
  8. maheswar2006

    Geforce 6600 or 6600GT?

    The 6600GT 128MB AGP is ur best bet, but it is way beyond ur budget. Do increase ur budget by 2.5K (if u can) and get it. u will not regret it. There r no games in the world which a 6600GT cannot handle........ If u cant increase ur budget, u will have to settle for the plain vanilla 6600...
  9. maheswar2006

    Most Irritating Monster ???

    Got to be d headcrabs in HL. And the quake2 berserker upgrade in Quake4.
  10. maheswar2006


    Download POWERSTRIP from entechtaiwan. Its got all u need. I cant understand what u mean by fall in framerates? was it running in higher FPS and later slowed down? What reference point r u using to calculate that? Also download FRAPS to analyze ur FPS. Enjoy ~~~mahesh~~~
  11. maheswar2006

    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    Man u r seriously misinformed. Almost all SE phones (even the old K700i) can play MP4 files. And what r u saying? Nokia can play avi files? Total crap. And u cannot compare the not yet released n93 with existing SE phones. It is not fair. Best thing u can do is compare the now available N90...
  12. maheswar2006

    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson Ericsson...
  13. maheswar2006


    The Sony ericsson W550i is a terrific option with a 1.3megapixel camera but has not got expandible memory. I suggest you go in for the Sony Ericsson K750i with a 2 megapixel autofocus camera, FM radio. Its an excellent product. Why carry two things when the SE K750i is both a cellphone and MP3...
  14. maheswar2006

    RAZR V3i music player

    Got a new motoRAZR V3i, The mp3 player is fine but when i close the flap, the music stops. Does motorola expect us to open the flap whenever we want to listen to music? Its ok at the house, but when i go out, how can i keep the flap open in my pocket? This is ridiculous. Is there a way out? Am...
  15. maheswar2006

    NFS MW difference

    Go to and you can convert ur NFSMW to NFSMW BE with a small file. And u can see the difference yourself. This is not piracy guys, this is a small piece of info which i think 95% of NFSMW owners know.. ENJOY...
  16. maheswar2006

    NFG(Need for games)

    ya a3 online and trackmania nations
  17. maheswar2006

    10-12 K Cellphone

    I recommend the MOTOROLA RAZR V3i which costs Rs.11700 (bill+warranty). This is the most beautiful, very very slim, and sexiest cellphone on earth. This is a very good upgrade of the original RAZR which was beautiful but mediocre in features. I just bought one bcoz I lost both my SEk750i and...
  18. maheswar2006

    Please help me building PC for Graphical work

    Samrulezs config would be way above ur budget. you dont need a 7800GTX and an ANTEC cabinet. A 6600 (GT or non GT) with an Antec smartpower 400w and a stock cabinet will be much more cost effective. It will be like buying a ferrari to drive around in Indian roads.
  19. maheswar2006

    Need help in Building a PC

    If u r going to buy a separate graphics card, then go for the ASUS A8NE nfore4 ultra motherboard. otherwise its ok
  20. maheswar2006

    6600 GT AGP

    ya XFX, but the GAINWARD golden sample series are great cards with huge potential for overclocking. Costs a bit more. Right now, 6600GT 128MB cards the same perfomance as their 256MB big brothers. But in future taxing games will really benefit from the extra memory on the 6600GT 256MB as...
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