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  1. sky90

    Android SDK summer training..??

    Hi, i am a 3rd year CSE student and willing top do summer training on ANDROID. Please provide some good institutes near delhi-noida which conduct 2 month training on android..
  2. sky90

    All in on PC.???

    I want to buy a all in one pc for my office works. A little bit of multimedia use and no gaming. Which will be the better option. HP or DELL or Lenovo.
  3. sky90

    HTC Mozart

    Please tell me about HTC Mozart, its launching date and pricing in India. Is it worth buying??
  4. sky90

    Window 7 Security!!!

    i am using window 7 ultimate 64 bit. in security option of one of my drive partition i had deny all services to users. and now i cannot access that drive, i am administrator too. when i changes everything to normal then also some of the subfolders are still locked. what is this??
  5. sky90

    Turbo C/C++ and other junk compilers help, discussions and queries here

    Turbo C in Windows 7 Any one can plz provide me turbo c working in windows 7.
  6. sky90

    configure BSNL broadband modem??

    HI, i am using BSNL modem type II(WA3002G4) and i am unable configure it. I also want to use its WiiFi. plz tell me how to configure it. currently using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.
  7. sky90

    Hibernate in windows 7?

    Hi, i am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i had enabled hibernate in it but i dont see hibernate option in shut down menu. My system config is--> intel core 2 quad processor, Nvidia 9800GT and 4GB RAM. Why is it happening and how to solve it???
  8. sky90

    Longest Game you've ever played...

    prince of persia warrior within GTA4
  9. sky90

    Problem with video player.!!!

    I am currently using Win 7 64bit,monitor samsung SyncMaster2233. I usually use MPC for playing movies, but from some days when i play video in MPC is does'nt play smoothly,its video takes about .5 sec pause after each 3-5 sec but audio plays nice. I tried VLC but in it video is not clear and we...
  10. sky90

    Ext. HDD Problem

    unable to format it.. when i connect it system hanged a little bit and diskmgmt starts not responding..
  11. sky90

    Ext. HDD Problem

    I had a ext. hdd (WD passport 160GB). I was encrypting it with bit locker of win 7. But suddenly power failure occurs in between encryption. Now, when i connect hdd and open it,it says "J:/ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect." And shows used and free space 0 bytes. Is it crashed...
  12. sky90

    *** Science Or God? ***

    You can see science everywhere, but not the god. science alway says what is practically possible, the concept of god is somewhat hypo...
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