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  1. outlaw

    mobile phone for visually impaired ?

    a friend of mine's visually impaired , is there a phone that says what key is pressed ?? for eg ... like saying the numbers out loud while dialling .. or what menu button is pressed .. ??? i used to have a moto rokr touch that had the feature and it used to tell what key was pressed ... but...
  2. outlaw

    Compaq preasrio v3611au speakers still working even though headphone's connnected?

    my compaq presario v3611au came with vista but then i downgraded it to xp but compaq officaly do not provide drivers for xp as they wanna promote vista . so i was forced to find drivers on my own and i've found almost everything with the help of and...
  3. outlaw

    oceans 13

    hows da new oceans movie guys ?? how do u rate it ??? i think its a lill bit complicated..... than the preovious ones...,,, lotta stuff happenin at da same time.. lil difficult to keep track ..... anyway... i rate this movie above oceans 12 but below oceans 11
  4. outlaw

    inside man [ movie ]

    ma latest downlaod was da movie "inside man" ( i am into old dvd rips now)- i was in for a surprise 'Inside Man' started with its production banners and guess what's the background song is ? jinke sar ho ishq ki chhaanv paanv ke neeche jannat hogi Then it all started with 'chal chhaiyaan...
  5. outlaw

    check this out [ orkut] this guy'z got some 2 lakh scraps and some 16 k frinds ... how is this possible.. i thought the max limit was 1000 friends
  6. outlaw

    flashgot equalent for firefox

    i've been using firefox for sometime now.... but i wud like to shift to opera.. so i wanna if there's an addon like flashgot for opera which integrates the download manager with the browser so that i can simply right click on any link on the page... and download it using "free download manager"
  7. outlaw

    display pic copying disabled in orkut !!!!!!!

    guys,, i noticed this today.... when i tried to copy the display pic of some profile i cudnt... :shock: they havent disabled copyin of album pics..yet but the orkut profile pic cannot be copied anymore p.s - but the image can be obtained using print screen :wink:
  8. outlaw

    yahoo messenger log in problem

    guys ma yahoo messenger is set to auto login on bootup but the problem is - the password i've set is changed into the word "PASSWORD" and so log in fails and each time and i've to enter the right password again and again. its really frustrating... why cant ymsngr remebmer ma password...
  9. outlaw

    d link modem trouble

    i am using bsnl dataone with a d-link modem [GLB 502 T] the modem is powered by my ups but still whenever there is a minor voltage fluctuation [ ie whenever there is a change over from main power to ups and back to main power due to voltage fluctuation ] the connection is lost [except...
  10. outlaw


    i got ma dataone connection yesterday [27th march] , and i've heard that bsnl starts the billing cycle only on 1st april in ma case. so how will i be charged for data transfer from 27th - 31st of this month will i be on plan 500 or plan 250 ??? or is there some other tariff rate for the...
  11. outlaw

    i wanna install software without admin access

    guys, systems in my lab are highly restricted for students, either help me gaining admin access or installing apps using guest account pls pls help p.s= i tried the "net user USERNAME PASSWORD \ADD " this method via command prompt but i am getting "error 5 access denied"
  12. outlaw

    usb format

    i've got a chinese 512mb pen drive kinda mp3 player and i wanna use it as regular usb drive so i tried to format it but an error message is being shown ,so what should i do ? is it possible to use it as a regular pen drive ???
  13. outlaw

    phone memory problem nokia n70

    i've got an n70 with a 1 gb mmc, and i am careful to install everything to the mmc and i try to keep the 20 mb phone memory always free but strangely the phone memory keeps filling up..... i thought the web browser cache was the problem but no its not cuz i stopped browsing and cancelled...
  14. outlaw

    i wanna download from rapidshare.....

    guys, i usually download mp3's and other stuff directly to my phone ... and then copy it to my system later when i reach home. but i am not able to download from rapidshare cuz i am on airtel gprs and the entire circle uses the same i.p , and rapidshare allows only single downlaod from an...
  15. outlaw

    tata indicom internet

    do they charge call charges for tata indicom dial up ??? ie internet charges+call charges?????
  16. outlaw

    i wann my emails delivered to my phone

    guys i am using nokia n70 with airtel connection and using the mail option in the settings wizard i was able to configure the "mailbox" in messaging so that i can get all my yahoo / gmail/msn mails delivered into my phone but whenever i try to connect to server from my mailbox in messaging...
  17. outlaw

    n70 phone memory problem

    guys i've got a nokia n70 with a 1 gb mmc and i install all the apps games and misc stuff in the mmc but still the free phone memory goes down last month it was 12 mb free out of 21 then few weeks later 9 and now just 6 mb free :cry:
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