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    GPU within 12k

    i have i7 2600k cpu and H77 mobo with corsair gs600 psu , plz suggest me a gud GPU under 12k :) thnxx
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    please suggest a UPS

    I7-2600K H77-DS3H Motherboard ATI sapphire 6850 2x500GB WD HDD 2X4GB RAM 1333 MHZ DELL 23" FULL HD LED. CM STORM ENFORCER Cabinet budget around 3k
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    netbook for 15k

    hi all :) i want to buy a netbook for rs 15000 this week. basically i m searching for a fast and longer lasting netbook. i hv shortlisted two netbooks. 1) HP Mini 110-3730TU PC (Black / White is not available :( ) - 14k from Letsbuy.com with 1k rs coupon code with free 3g data card. 2)...
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    need a super fast gaming pc....

    hi all :) i need a fast gaming pc under a budget of 55k(+5k if necessary) i hv heard about sandy bridge and its cool performance also and thinking of buying the same... here is my answers to ur questionaire.. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say...
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    need smart phone under 12k

    hii every one :) m new here :) suggest me a gud smart phone under 12k wid qwerty keypad.. i dont want any touch screen phone,....,. is e72 a gud option ???? thnxx :)
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