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    W960 and Bluetooth Headset

    Hi Friends Today, I went to Alfa, Andheri to buy W960. The price is Rs. 25,600. I found out that it comes without the Bluetooth Headset. Is it correct info? I read in forums that this phone come with one. Can anyone tell me where is Sony Ericsson' authorized showroom in Mumbai?
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    Hi All This problem I am facing started all of a sudden. I use TATA Indicom Dial-Up to connect to Internet. Since last week, as soon as I get connected to Internet new programs (launched after connecting to net) do not get started immediately. It is seen in Task Manager, but no window is...
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    Booting Problem with P4P800-VM

    Hi friends, My PC config is as follows 2.6GHz P4, HT Asus P4P800-VM 512 MB, 400 MHz DDR Transcend Ram The problem is I am not able to boot. The Process fan starts, M/B lights are on but I am not even getting the starting BIOS screen (where usually BIOS version, RAM, HDD, ROM, etc are...
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    Benq M100 Keypad

    Hi Guys I need kepad for Benq M100 phone. Can anybody tell me where can I get it? I am staying in Mumbai. Does Benq have a service centre in Mumbai?
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    Mcafee old Superdats

    Hi I have Mcafee 9 with quite old virus definitions. The virus definition is at 4570. I could not update Mcafee because of unavailability of Internet access at my house. Now I am seeing that the lastest level of virus definition is 4786. I have downloaded that Superdat file from Mcafee. The...
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    Internet through Reliance/TATA phones

    Hi Everybody I am planning to get a Reliance / TATA internet connection through Fixed wirelss phone. I wanted to know if P2P softwares like eMule can be used with Reliance / Tata connections. Please let me know if anybody is using eMule or Kaaza with Reliance / TATA internet connections...
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    HArddisk Problem

    Hi friends, I am in need of a little help. I have a 60 GB, 7200 RPM Samsung hard drive. Last week when I was browsing the screen suddenly froze and the harddisk went into busy state for a minute or so (indicated by the harddisk indicator on my cabinet). Afterwards I restarted it thinking it...
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