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    [For Sale] Tata Sky HD + with 6 month HD access subscription

    I think so... If your monitor has a HDMI port then it will be very easy and straight-forward connectivity.
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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    Got a Gigibyte G41M-Combo MotherBoard for my Core2Duo E6600. My Old MB was giving constant problems, hence decided to change. Got it from Lamington Rd. shop, SunSigns Systems for Rs. 3050.
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    Best performing 22" & 24" LCDs ????

    I got a BenQ E2200HD for 12.3K. Looks good till now. This weekend I will play some games and check out how does it perform...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Brought BenQ E2200HD LCD Monitor for 12.3 K from Prime ABGB, Lamington Road, Mumbai...
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    Best 22" LCD Within 14k!!!

    Hi Guys I was thinking of buying Benq 2200HD. I will be using it for gaming mostly. Can anyone staying in Mumbai tell me whether this model is available or not and where can I buy this from?
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    Planning to buy a Full HD Monitor. Need me Please !

    Hi Guys Can anyone help me with the address of BENQ dealer in Mumbai. I am planning to buy E2200HD.
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    W960 and Bluetooth Headset

    Hi Friends Today, I went to Alfa, Andheri to buy W960. The price is Rs. 25,600. I found out that it comes without the Bluetooth Headset. Is it correct info? I read in forums that this phone come with one. Can anyone tell me where is Sony Ericsson' authorized showroom in Mumbai?
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    I am not getting any error messages. The programs start after a delay of 5-6 mins. After the initial 5-6 mins the programs start immediately. I don't think it is a virus bCoz I think Mcafee can detect any virus. Even then I will try to get an online scan done. Thank You very much for all the...
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    I tried all types of program from Notepad, Paint, Internet Explorer to Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Yahoo, etc Hi xubz I'll try using the dialer from Network Connections and let you know...
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    Hi xubz I am using Win XP SP2 with the latest security updates. And I am using the official Dialer provided from TATA Indicom. HI ravi_9793 I am using Mcafee with the latest definitions. An I also checked all the running processes and found everything is just the usual programs...
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    Can anybody help me out with this problem... Pleaaassseee....
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    Programs Not Starting After Connecting to Net

    Hi All This problem I am facing started all of a sudden. I use TATA Indicom Dial-Up to connect to Internet. Since last week, as soon as I get connected to Internet new programs (launched after connecting to net) do not get started immediately. It is seen in Task Manager, but no window is...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Hey Guys Here is the CPU-Z screenshot for Transcend RAM. Hope this satisfies you all. Let me know if this is correct....
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Hey I am pretty sure that it is a 800 MHz DDR2 Transcend RAM. Tonite I'll try to post the CPU-Z screenshot. I too was shocked on hearing the price. But the product was in a sealed pack from Transcend...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Sorry for posting it late. I brought the following components from Lamington Road on 17 October 2007 . XFX 650i Ultra Rs. 4900 Transcend RAM 1GB 800MHz Rs. 1300 Liteon DVD Writer 20X Rs. 1350 8600GT 512 MB - BIG...
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    Booting Problem with P4P800-VM

    Thanks Vivek, I to will have to give the motherboard for repairs. I don't think I still have warranty left. I has been almost 3 years now. Anyways thanks for the reply.
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    Booting Problem with P4P800-VM

    Hi friends, My PC config is as follows 2.6GHz P4, HT Asus P4P800-VM 512 MB, 400 MHz DDR Transcend Ram The problem is I am not able to boot. The Process fan starts, M/B lights are on but I am not even getting the starting BIOS screen (where usually BIOS version, RAM, HDD, ROM, etc are...
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    Which motherboard has the best available onboard graphics card

    Hi Guys I am planning on buying an Asus motherboard. I was thinking of P5B or P5B-V. I checked the Asus site. It says P5B has P965 Chipset and P5B-V has G965. What is the difference between these two chipsets. I know that P5B can be overclocked, but what about P5B-V? The P5B-V specs on Asus...
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    best monitor under 11k?

    Hey bullyboy, Can you tell me if games are running smoothly on Samsung 940BW, especially the racing or FPS ones. Thanks in Advance
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    Benq M100 Keypad

    Hi Guys I need kepad for Benq M100 phone. Can anybody tell me where can I get it? I am staying in Mumbai. Does Benq have a service centre in Mumbai?
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