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    hardware availibility in kolkata

    can anyone please tell me where i can find the following hardware in kolkata at the best prices? benq DW 1650 LG H10N seagate sata2 160 GB HDD Western Digital sata2 160 GB HDD this is kinda urgent. thanx..
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    problem with asus A8N-E and debian

    I am facing a problem with playing audio in my debian installation. my motherboard is asus A8N-E with the nforce-4 ultra chipset, and i am using the onboard audio. first i tried alsa to configure the sound card, but it couldnt detect it. then i downloaded the nforce chipset driver for linux...
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    cant declare a string variable...

    hello.. i've just recently begun withh c++ programming in linux, and i am using debian sarge(stable) and gcc 3.3. my problem is that i am nor being able to use string variables, whenever i declare a string variable with string *variablename*.. the compiler returns an error "variable string...
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    hijackthis log file..

    hi..recently my pc has become extremely slow..and my net connection is also crawling.. i've scanned my pc with ad-aware and spybot..but there has been very little improvement. i'm pastin my hijackthis log file..can anyone please tell me what's wrong? Hijackthis logfile Logfile of...
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    update ur knowledge about processors..

    this is a beautiful article i found at pcworld.. wont be of that much help to the techies.. but would help a lot of newbies brush up on their knowledge about cpu's.. here
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    pc for heavy number crunching

    i'm planning to dump my athlonxp 2000+/a7n266vm/256 ddr266 ram combination for a new one, and my budget is arnd 17k, max 20k. now the primary purpose of my pc will be large amounts of number crunching, data analysis, mathematical modeling with matlab, neural network programming and simulation...
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    passwor protecting command buttons in VB

    i'm want to create a program in vb which will allow two sorts of entry..as a regular user and as a privilaged user.to enter as i privilaged user, u will hv to supply a password. the program i'm developing is a data driven program and the only advantage that a privilaged user gets is the ability...
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    prob in VB6 code

    hi.. I am creating a VB6 version of the popular CRAPS game..i think most programmers have come across it..if u dont kno it ..here r the rules.. it involves the player rolling two dies..if the sum of the two dies is 7 or 11 on first throw..the player wins...if the sum is 2,3 or 12..he loses..if...
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    strange hard disk problem

    i am facing a strange problem with my hard disk.. i have two hdds, a seagte 40 gb, nd a 20 gb, both 5400 rpm. i have two separate installations of windows xp on the two hdds...which i use when required. yesterday i had plugged in the 20 gb hdd as master and when i tried to boot it said...
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    prob in ubuntu "hoary"

    Ubuntu provides only totem movie player and i'm not being able to play vcd's or .dat files with that.i've correctly configured apt for downloading from the repository but i dont know which software to use for playing vcd and dvd. wat do i have to do to be able to watch vcd's nd .dat files in...
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    display problem in xp

    One day i was carrying out a virus scan(Kaspersky) and chatting away on my messenger when suddenly everything hanged,explorer shut down and when it restarted i saw my scan was still runnig,but the 3d appearance of XP has changed to 2D.i cant get it back in any way now. infact none of the other...
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    a few questions

    I have a few questions.will be obliged if anyone answers them... 1.what are the structural differences between the filesystems fat32,ntfs,ext3&reiser?i mean fat32 is based on file alloc tables.what are the others based on? 2.what are ports?what actually are the features that makes a serial...
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    help with debian sarge

    Hi all, i obtained the debian sarge dvd given with pcquest this month and tried to install it in my machine.during the installation besides the base system and the default packages i installed only the desktop environment. and installed the additional packages later. now my problem is that...
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    Help installing FREEBSD

    Hi guys, i have 40 gb hard disk with a 15 gb primary partition, a 23 gb extended partition inside which i house my suse 9.1 in a separate 7 gb partition. i have burnt the freebsd iso's received in the digit dvd and would like to install it as i heard that it is a very good distro. but the...
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    a step by step web design guide

    hi all... now i have a new request for the geeks of this forum. i wish to build a personal website. it is to have a lot of data, pictures, and almost evrything one places in his/her personal site. so i want to know how to proceed. i also wish to know what are things like html, xml, php, mysql...
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    urgent c help!!

    In a class assignment, i have to write a cprogram to calculate the sum of the following series: 1/1!+3^2/2!+5^3/3!+...... for that i wrote the following program. #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include <ctype.h> main() { float sum,term; FILE *pt; pt=fopen("series", "w+")...
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    which, in ur opinion is the only prgramming language one nee

    after some browsing of the forums and a bit of outside research, i could come up with the names of these languages. i need to know which onelanguage is self sufficient, ie, mastery in which allows me to do any sort of programming project imaginable(i'm not interested in game programming). so...
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    ntfs query

    well we know that quick formatting a fat 32 partition means erasing the fat tables. but what does it mean to q format an ntfs partition? also what is the difference between full format and low level format(zero filling), if there is any.
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    can you tell me what mistake i made?

    hi, i was writing a c program for my class assignment, and i got stuck. i paste it below. it appears to me that the program structure is ok, but when i run it, it does'nt give any output. i have also tried by taking the last 'printf' statement out of the for loop, but then the out put is not...
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    linux problems.

    ok guys i got interested into trying linux and installed rh9 in a 10 gb partition. but it did'nt support ntfs partiotions of xp and so i recompiled the kerenel using the new kernel 2.6.7 following the thread http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5648. but now during boot-up, it shows...
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