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    Date you received your this months Digit Subscription

    Hi friends Hope Our dear mods "Raaabo" &/or "FatBeing" don't lock this post. But just want the digit logistic team to pull up there socks and take this post as a challenge and bring the complaints to a minimum. it is 9th I have not received till 12:00 p.m. and if I do not receive it today...
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    MP4 Player

    Hello friends, I want to buy a MP4 player but cannot decide which one. I know there are only Chinese Brandless Players are available in the lower segiment. (which is what i need). My question is i want atlest 1 GB player but can't find one, all 1 gb players are 256 MB compressed if any one...
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    BSNL DATAONE problem

    hi guys i have a problem with my BSNL DATAONE connection :roll: i have a modem supplied by BSNL (hauwei) and a 8 port HUb (10 MBps) (unnamed) and 2 computers at my place with onboard LAN. and one dlink lancard installed on one of the comps. Both the computers has Windows XP SP2. I will...
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    where to find a laptop/notebook under 29000

    i have to buy a brand new laptop/notebook under 29000.please help me with the configuration and from where can i buy it? thanking u all in advance.
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    Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth! Get it back

    A nice little tweak for XP. Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..) Here's how to get it back: Click Start-->Run-->type "gpedit.msc" without the " This opens the group policy editor. Then go...
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