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    Wifi shows connected but connection status is shown as "No Internet Access"

    Hi, I have bsnl wimax connection and use wifi to connect the internet. I see the below issue sometime in my laptop. The wifi is shown as connected in the network connections, but it has a yellow triangle like thing on the icon which shows "No Internet Access". I tried disconnecting and...
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    Issue with tabs in Chrome

    Hi All, I have been facing some strange issue while using chrome. When i have multiple tabs opened, say like 10 tabs..if i close the first or second tab (or the tabs in the beginning), the some of the other tabs get closed automatically (mostly the tabs at the end). When i close a tab in the...
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    Android market login issue with Xperia Neo V

    Hi Guys, I bought a xperia neo v 2 days back and now i am facing a problem. i cant login into the android market, maps,gmail etc..when i sign in its says "Cant establish a reliable data connection. This may be a temporary problem or data provisioning is not enabled in your sim. please...
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    Buying a new mobile - Help Needed

    Hi Guys, i am planning to buy a android phone.. i will be mostly using it for browsing and gaming(not high end)... the phone i was intrested in was Motorola defy..in indiatimes shopping the price is abt 14.5k..is it ok? in ebay after applying coupon you can get it for 14k.. since defy+ is...
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    new hardrive

    hi guys i have a gigabyte motherboard with only one ide port which is connected to HDD and ODD.Now I want to buy a new hardrive of sata interface.My board has 4 sata ports.can i use the old ide hard drive with the new one and how can i make the master slave arrangement. Now the hard drive is...
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