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  1. Log_net2

    can you access wikileaks?

    I could not accessed wikileaks.org.Is it blocked by the Govt.Its working using proxy. i am using openDNS,BSNL BB. thanks
  2. Log_net2

    You think our BB is Cheap

    [/URL my middle finger to AIRTEL and RELIANCE for calling their LIMITED PLANS to being UNLIMITED
  3. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    my cousin husband asked me to reinstalled his corrupt windows; without second thought i did it for him :(. I boot with UBCD and live linux to move important files from his c drive but i forgot to have a deeper look into his my document where he stored important photos and documents (he dont...
  4. Log_net2

    look at my bsnl speed test!! lol

    i know bsnl speedtest is not reliable anybody getting higherthan this one!!!
  5. Log_net2

    Grab this folder locker[its freeware]

    Some of you may heard it.Probably some may not. This is for me the best folder locker i've seen (better than folder lock etc) and the best part is that its freeware ;) Review by yourself:My rating is 5/5. http://www.fspro.net/folder-lock-box/
  6. Log_net2

    Please guide me on online shopping

    i never done online shopping.if i import electronic gadget to India how much will be the import duties,VAT and all. will the courier still charged me and if how much for delivering the product to my doorsteps even though i paid the shipping cost. Does it mean that shipping cost is the cost to...
  7. Log_net2

    Have you seen this type of bulletin board

    I just saw it today.It is IdealBB Bulletin Board.Looks cool and nice. Their website http://www.idealscience.com/site/default.aspx
  8. Log_net2

    UEFA Euro 08 is better than FIFA 08

    Those who play both would agree.Or not!!.Gameplay in Euro 08 is more enjoyable to me. If you love EA Fifa series you need to play EUro 08 its by far the best football game for me:smile::cool:
  9. Log_net2

    I need to change my AV because of this

    Its kinda suck.
  10. Log_net2

    How to get out of the car:the Godfather-the game?

    I could get in the car by pressing space or T (default)but could not get out by pressing space or T.I searched and tried all the keys.Not working.Help.thanks
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