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  1. devilzdad

    UCWEB network settings???

    I have downloaded Ucweb english ver 5.01 from there site for my nokia 5700... but the problem is whenever i open the application it shows network initialization failed.... in network settings i have chosen access point as "Airtel online", but still it is showing error... so guys plz help me with...
  2. devilzdad

    how to change font colour in 5700??

    ^^rite now i'm using Linkin park theme.... but the problem is if i use this i'm not able to see the words.... so i wanna change the font colour..... is there any software to change the font colour...????
  3. devilzdad

    how to change font colour in 5700??

    Guys, Is there any software to change font colour in S60 3rd edition phones?? if anyone knows the software then plz give me the link???
  4. devilzdad

    Softwares for my new 5700??

    Thank U very much dude..... :p those sites are really Coooooool....;)
  5. devilzdad

    Softwares for my new 5700??

    Hi guys, I got my new nokia 5700 n i have activated Airtel online .... till now i have installed opera mini, GoTalk Mobile and fring... but not able to use fring........guys so plz temme from where i can d\l new free softwares n also shortcut keys for my nokia 5700.... P.S.: I'm loving...
  6. devilzdad

    How to Skype

    I have installed fring on my Nokia 5700 but it shows error msg when i try to connect.... BTW i'm using Airtel Online...... can any one explain me the pro??:confused:
  7. devilzdad

    Extreme Mobile Professional had Arrived here..

    Thank u very much dude..... Killerx roxxxxxxxxxxxx........;)
  8. devilzdad

    Must watch kannada movies

    1)Mungaru Male 2)A 3)shh... 4)om 5)H20 6)All old kannada movies:)
  9. devilzdad


    Last time i recharged thro' ICICI.... it took hardly 5 mins for me to recharge and its absolutely free:p ..... just check once terms and conditions before using it....
  10. devilzdad

    is it worth buying N70???

    ^^can i know the cost of w850i???
  11. devilzdad

    Mobile buying Dilemma

    wat abt the cost of 5700 in other shops..... i think its around 12K....rite???
  12. devilzdad

    is it worth buying N70???

    Thank U very much guys for ur opinions....... but i'm still confused :confused: ....i will think for another three to four days
  13. devilzdad

    is it worth buying N70???

    Why there is not much discussion on N70M in this forum ?? In this entire forum i found only three or four threads in which there is little discussion about N70.... guys plz give ur opinion abt N70M?? I heard dat it takes hell lot of time to open applications .......and also temme should i go for...
  14. devilzdad

    help me to buy a phone....

    Hi, My budget is around 10K. It should have a good(2MP) cam. I mainly use that mobile to connect to internet. So it shld have atleast Class 10 GPRS. I like both SE and Nokia. So plz suggest me some phones........:confused:
  15. devilzdad

    need help about symbian OS??

    Thanks dude.... plz give me some examples of symbian apps and games...
  16. devilzdad

    need help about symbian OS??

    Hi, I have decided to buy either nokia 5700 or SE k810i. But by going thro' previous thread in this forum i realised that SE camera rocks but it does not have any OS. So guys plz tell me wat is the advantage of having symbian OS or any other OS in mobile phone??? so that i can decide whether...
  17. devilzdad

    Is N73ME Worth Buying???

    Howz the battery life of 5700 compared to N73......???
  18. devilzdad

    orkut query ?

    :D @bajaj151: dude the best thing to do is to search in the community of his school or college or in his friends list......
  19. devilzdad

    23-year-old develops website that matches Orkut!

    dude to be frank, the site is amazing and also it contains better features than orkut or any other sites like dat........ all u need to do is to give some final touch, coz a fancy site with no features gets more attention than a site with better features which looks some wat odd.........
  20. devilzdad

    C question??

    guys i'm using Turbo C...... i got the answer 4, 2..... but i'm not understanding the reason for dat?? its the first question in " Test your C skills-yeshwant kanetkar"
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