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  1. albeinstein

    Best Game Publishes

    The maximum poll limit is 10... i couldnt add more of them.. i love metal gear solid series.. that was a good game by konami And i also selected PC games... and Sony/Nintendo/Sega/Capcom doesnt make pc games "usually"
  2. albeinstein

    Best Game Publishes

    Ubioft is LEADING!!!
  3. albeinstein

    My Posts

    Why Did Digit keep Like That:(:(
  4. albeinstein

    Which Game Are You Playing

    :cool:I am Playin Call of Duty 2 online... I wil get NEVER NIGHTS WINTER 2 from my friend:o So what you guys playin
  5. albeinstein

    Best Game Publishes

    Vote ONLY FOR 2 Publishers Please. Not more then that. Please reply also.:cool: I VOTED FOR UBISOFT AND MICROSOFT
  6. albeinstein

    Best Game Publishes

    NOTE:Vote ONLY FOR 2 Publishers Please. Not more then that. Please reply also.:cool: THE Best Game Publishers > Activision > Atari > Codemasters > Eidos Interactive > Electronic Arts > Microsoft Game Studios > Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive > Sierra > THQ > Ubisoft Which Do You Like...
  7. albeinstein

    My Posts

    Any body knows why my posts is not Increasin and its decreasin
  8. albeinstein

    Crysis System Requirements Released!

    REALLY??? HE is Kicked Out... I think He wil come back wit another username:p:p:p
  9. albeinstein


    I have nvidia fx5200 1GB ram and i dont play at 1024*768 it gets stuck... slow like hiccups... i can play smoothly at low resolution and medium graphics... need to upgrade... my comp is kachda...:(... 80 GB HDD kachdaest card NVidia fx 5200 256 mb... 1GB Ram... never heard who the manufacturer...
  10. albeinstein

    Are u planning for gaming on vista

    Re: Are u planning for gaming on vista (liar) :confused: :confused: :confused: You never bought a PS3:mad: :mad: :mad: .... He's a BIG FATTY LIAR... HES MY BRO ACTUALLY... WHEN DID YOU BUY A PS3... WHERE DID U GET THE MONEY... STUDYING FOR THE MOCKS AND BOARD EXAM FOR 10TH...
  11. albeinstein

    Can Any Body Help Me Regarding Rapidshare?

    This is more than enough. But this only works for dynamic IP. U cant wait for 1 1/2 mins...:p
  12. albeinstein

    Crysis System Requirements Released!

    Hey Genius Mod... Even the leaked version of crysis is not released for downloadin.. be4 that itself you got the GAME!!! what a joke!!! This guy is a goner... I have seen its video...
  13. albeinstein

    Post your Carbon drift points here

    Which Car Did He use for the Drift
  14. albeinstein

    Play this game: How far can you kick the ball

    MY HIGH SCORE IS 4819 http://totebo.com/mko.php?c=qrosqBoissoErUorFBoUBopBsosFpUoWZN78SZJoutrp http://totebo.com/mko.php?c=qrosqBoissoErUorFBoUBopBsosFpUoWZN78SZJoutrp __________ SO FAR I am 4th.... HAH HAHA HAHAA:cool:
  15. albeinstein

    Trackmania Sunrise Extreme

    The Graphic card is shared also
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