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    Any Malayalees here?

    Hehe I'm not a mallu but I'm moving to Kozhikode for 2 years to do my MBA in a few days. Malyalam seems like a tough language! I hope to learn some phrases before going to make life easier :p
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    Help me with paypal issue

    As far as I know, a Paypal account can only be verified with a Credit Card. Debit Cards are accepted but only in some countries, India not being one of them.
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    "Steam"ing problem, YYET AGAIN

    1. A single steam account can be use on many computers (not simultaneously). 2. There are no easy cracks for Steam that you can download and use.
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    Best Graphics card in 25K

    If I wanted to splurge 25 grand on gaming, I'd buy an Xbox 360 :p
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    Windows Crashing, pls help

    If you haven't added any new components/drivers recently, its probably a faulty RAM module.
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    Internet connection problem!!!

    Have you properly configured Network? IP, DNS, Default Gateway etc ? It seems your network doesn't utilise DHCP.
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    counter strike online gaming problem

    I guess you will have to login to your friends Steam account in order to play or need his original serial number to create a steam account. See http://www.steampowered.com for more info.
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    counter strike online gaming problem

    Quick question, are you trying to play on a pirated copy of the game?
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    Virtual Dub Output File Size (~30GB) [solved]!!

    You probably converting it into uncompressed avi, use a free mpeg4 codec like xvid and convert to that in full processing mode.
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    Internet gets disconnected after every 5 hours :(

    All Exatt servers are setup to automatically disconnect after 5 hours. Simply tick the "Redial if line is dropped" box in options and it will reconnect automatically.
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    Nokia 6030 data cable problem

    Download and install Nokia PC Suite: http://europe.nokia.com/nokia/0,,72014,00.html
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    how much bandwith and space are needed?

    I don't think so, Digit forum is quite popular and probably uses 20GB+ bandwidth and about 500-1000MB in storage, mostly for the MySQL database.
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    Nokia 6630 or the Sony Erricsson k750i

    Find the one that suits your personality the best. If you want to look cool and listen to music a lot go for k750i. On the other hand if you are a computer geek and want the latest technologies like 3G, Edge, 1000s of apps available for Symbian and surfing on the go on a larger screen go for 6630.
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    Can I find a X-Box 360 in India???

    I'm personally waiting for a bit till Xbox 360 mod-chips are developed and then buy from grey market.
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    Best Cell phone under 15 K

    I bought 6630 3 days ago for Rs. 13,000 in Mumbai (with warranty).
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    FPS Vs. Refresh Rate

    Try fiddling with the refresh rate... :lol:
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    Best FTP Client on EARTH

    Yes, all the three servers have resume support turned off. Most server admins keep resume functionality switched off to avoid uneccesary incomplete files on the harddisk, the moment a transfer fails the unfinished file is deleted from the server to reclaim space.
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    Best FTP Client on EARTH

    I personally prefer Flash FXP. It supports resuming, but so do most other FTP clients. Ability to resume failed uploads depends on the server configuration. I think CuteFTP supports resuming, maybe your server is at fault here.
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    Random Questions...

    psst... all these answers can be found throug http://www.google.com
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    I had posted about Exatt a long time ago in this thread, I thought I'd update it. Especially since I hit a new milestone of 100GB+ data transfer in a month. Now thats what I call unlimited broadband :p ISP: Exatt City: Mumbai Specific Areas: Many Areas in Mumbai Plan: 512kbps Unlimited...
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