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    graphics card or RAM

    hi ive currently got gforce 5200 nd 256 MB RAM.. im plannin to buy a gforce 6600.. shud i buy it or upgrade my RAM
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    which portable mp3 player??

    Hi friends im planning too buy a portable mp3 player. ive loooked for iriver, creeative, apple. my budget is 5000-8000 rupees vid minimum of 1 GB memory. which player shud i buy?? plz help me guys
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    How to open parachute in San Andreas?

    theres already a big thread for gta games, u shud hav posted it there...ne ways u oen the parachute with the fire button (default is left mouse button)
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    GTA San andreas mission help

    hey man... u dont hav 2 complete the zero mission if u wish. u can still move further. u need 2 do it only for completing 100%... as for the toreno mission practice for sumtime .. may take u 2 days at the most coz after some tries it gets pretty easy just define those controls in such a way...
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    hey man ive been using samsumg combo drive for 2 yrs and im not yet complainin
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    without welcome screen in xp

    in the control panel section :arrow: user accounts :arrow: change the way users log on or off :arrow: use welcome screen. that shud do it
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    how much can i overclock my gfx 5200

    hey guys ive got a gfx 5200. i m thinking of overclockim it but do not know to what extent can i overclock it. 3Dmark 2005 benchmark test is of 200 Mb so is impossible to download on my dial-up connection. ne ideas???
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    best pc car racer other than nfs????

    ctrl_alt_del: i guess ur right but lookin into the present no other game seems to b matching nfs
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    Kumaresh_Arsenal: u hav bought a pirated version of the game bcoz the original game cums in a dvd. there is no other version so please no ones gonna help u
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    Need for Speed Underground 2 - Installation help required!

    can u post the exact error??
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    hey man in that lowrider mission set the SPECIAL controls according to ur suitability in the options menu and during the mission just press those [i repeat SPECIAL ] controls in the direction they cross the jcircle and ur done....by the way for ne other query regarding the game pm me, ive...
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    The Best Selling PC Game of All Time

    huh...again an another controversial post :roll: :roll:
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    Smoothing out games

    i hav a samsung 17'' monitor and my refresh rate is set for 75 Hz....how will i know that 85 Hz wont damage my monitor
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    best pc car racer other than nfs????

    hey man tried the juiced demo on digit dvd... it sucks..looks like ditto nfs ug2... is gran turismo 4 ever going to be released for pc??
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    San Andreas restarts computer

    yo man i just completed gta sa...yes inspite of that odd in just 12 days..best of luck 2 u too :wink:
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    Need for Speed Underground 2 - Installation help required!

    is that cyclic redundancy check error??coz i seem 2 hav heard of sdat.viv not being copied...only dont know in which case. pls reply
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    San Andreas restarts computer

    hey...... same problem here man. atleast in ur case it happens when u save d game but in my pc it happens suddenly when im in the middle of a mission. it really sucks :x :x
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    i am having problem with playing doom 3

    hey man there no need to change d graphix settings manually, the game itself sets itself for best performance 8)
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    Smoothing out games

    wont higher refresh rates than default damage the monitor??? :shock:
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    drive-by in gta

    in gta san andreas
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