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    asus xonar dg problem

    hi i brought new asus xonar dg after install when i plug my 2.1 speakers the jack detention is not found the sound is not coming in asus xonar dg..... plug all the jack but not Automatic jack-sensing please help curently using onboard audio
  2. J

    2.1 speaker for 4k

    need 2.1 speaker for rich quality sound budget 5k please help me out list of speakers in my area f&d f680 ,sony d9 c2 for 3.8k in snapdeal
  3. J

    pc configuration for i5 2320

    Hi everyone i'm using i5 2320 with dh61ww motherboard with 8gb ram and asus gt460 ddr5 graphic card like to change the motherboard to asus P8B75 V and asus radeon 7850 is that good selection or i may pick the wrong one please help me out for good configuration and i'm planning to ordered...
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