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    Explorer Bar Icons

    Can anybody please tell me how to make Explorer Bar Icons for Windows? Tried googling, but coudn't find any proper tutorial. I have moderate self taught knowledge of Photoshop. Can it be done using photoshop? If not, is there any other freeware that can be used for the purpose? Thanx for your...
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    Empty Programs menu - Help

    I am having a weird problem since today morning. My start menu has gone haywire. The shortcut links abofe the "Programs" menu is gone and the "Programs" menu is showing empty. None of my installed programs are there in the list. I'm posting my HJT log here. Please see if any of you guys can...
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    A friend of mine has recently formated his PC after a major virus infection. Everything's working fine now except for one thing. He uses dial up connection from Satyam Online. Whenever we are trying to install the dialer, we are getting this error message... The procedure entry point...
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    Can bookmarks be retrieved?

    My firefox browser isn't working, I mean it isn't opening at all. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling, but I'll lose all my bookmarks. There are some very important links there for which I don't have any copy. Are the bookmarked files stored somewhere in the firefox folder? I mean could I...
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    Firefox Crash!

    Help me out guys. All of a sudden my Firefox browser has stopped working. Whenever I'm trying to open the browser this is what I'm getting in a dialouge box. JAVA Plug-in error: JAVA Plug-in for Netscape Navigator should not be used in Microsoft Internet Explorer. PLease use JAVA Plug-in for...
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    Messanger startup problem

    The Yahoo messanger is really getting on my nerves. Inspite of removing it "n" number of times from my start up list, whenever I use messanger it automatically adds itself to start up again. Tried to remove using HijackThis but same result. Posting the Hijack this log along: I tried...
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    HElp me guys! I accidentally deleted a folder using"shift"+"del". I don't have any recovery s/w installed. Is it posible to recover it any how? :(
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    OS Choice menu

    Hi. I'm new to Linux and am unaware about most of the technicalities of this OS. Recently I installed Red Hat 9 on my PC. My existing OS is Win XP Pro. After successful completion of the installation when I rebooted the machine, this is what I found in the OS choice menu: I've no clue where...
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    Is it Rediff or just me?

    I formatted my machine a few days back. Since then I'm facing a weired problem. I've my mail account with rediffmail, after loging in when ever I'm clicking on any mail or any link in the mail box I'm getting logged out. It says "You have been logged out. Your session is invalid". I tried...
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    Is it a virus?

    I’m using eTrust antivirus on my PC. A few days back it detected a virus and healed it. The message was: But since then my PC has gone haywire! 1)Most of the times whenever I’m clicking on any folder or file a dialog box is appearing asking for confirmation to delete that file or...
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    How to delete this partition?

    I’ve had Red Hat Linux 8 installed in a 6 MB partition on my hard disk due to my OS lab in the previous semester. I’ve Win XP Pro as my other OS. Since I change my OSs frequently, my friend who installed Linux for me (I’m not that versed in Linux) had given me a command line which I used...
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    Password protected download-possible?

    HI.Is ther any reg tweak or 3rd party utility s/w to password protect any download to my PC? My cousin was surfing the net from my PC in my absense and he opened some unknown attachment, the next thing I know at next startup is the system has been affected with the Win32.Zafi.D worm. I'm using...
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    odd folders........!

    I’m using Win XP Pro with SP2. I have a 40 GB hard disk split in three partitions namely C (system), D and E. Since a few days I’m noticing three folders in my D drive by the name 1eaec33d759, 5266d644c14fa3548b706e and a469cc426d55e67413d851cf20d. All the three folders have a sub...
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    PnP OS

    Please enlighten me! Which are the OS s that fall in the PnP (Plug and PLay) catagory? :?:
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    I’m having a weird problem with my PC. I’ve recently upgraded my PC to P IV 2.8 GHz (HT) with Intel D865GBF Motherboard and 256 MB DDR RAM (400 MHz FSB). My Os is Windows XP Professional with SP2. My problem is, sometimes, when I start the machine, instead of booting a blue error screen...
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    I'm at a total loss. Could some one explain to me the exact procedure to add an AVTAR to profile. Can it be done from pictures saved in my PC? :(
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    Hi to all. I’m having two separate problems with spyware. I’m using Windows XP Professional with SP 2 installed; I use Zone alarm for firewall and AVG 7 as antivirus. A few of my cousins use my PC for net surfing. Recently I noticed an extra button on my IE toolbar – CrackSpider.net. When...
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    FAT 32 to NTFS!

    I'm running Windows XP Professional with SP 2 installed. I'v got a 40 GB HDD with three partitions, C,D and E, C being the primary(system) partition. The D & E drives are configured with NTFS file system but my C drive has FAT32 file system. Is there any way of changing the file system to NTFS...
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    Firewall needed?

    Hi! I Run WIndows XP Professional on an Intel D865 motherboard with 256 MB DDR SDRAM. I had Zone Alarm firewall installed on my system, but recently I installed service pack 2 for my OS and as Zone Alarm doesn't work with SP-2 I uninstalled it. What I want to know is wheather the firewall...
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    Hi. I'm running Windows XP Professional with 256 MB DDR SD RAM, P4, Intel original 865 motherboard. Recently I found an exe file named csrs.exe in my Processes list in Task manager. Then I noticed a copy of that file in all my partitions. Could anybody suggest what is it? If its a virus what can...
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