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  1. MambaXL

    Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX !!!

    Hi, I am facing an unusual problem of low volume with my Creative SoundBlaster 5.1 VX. I was using my headphones (Sennheiser HD457) with my Onboard VIA Audio (ASUS M4N78 PRO) and the sound output was amazing. I bought this (5.1 VX) and thought that it would boost my audio experience even...
  2. MambaXL

    Flashget wont download anymore.

    Hi guys, I am facing a very unusual & annoying problem. I cant download anything from flashget (classic version 1.73 build 128) any more. Though I can schedule and dial my dataone connection from that. But I cant download anything. I stays downloading but no file is being downloaded, even from...
  3. MambaXL

    Need help in buying CPU, MOBO, RAM . Whats the best one can get at 20k ???

    Hi guys, I need some advice for buying 3 items. CPU, Motherboard & RAM. My budget ~20k, but not more than that. I will be using these components in my current build (will sell the above 3 - get a quote please ??) Existing Rig: CPU: C2D E6400 @ 2.13 GHz ASUS P5B-VM 2x1GB RAM XFX GTX...
  4. MambaXL

    need confirmation for good [or bad] hardware

    Hi, I have a C2D E6400, on ASUS P5B-VM with 2GB DDR2 667MHz. I play crysis on XFX GTX 260 [Core 192 - plain vanilla model] with no overclocking, but fan speed at 70%. I use Vista Home Basic 32-Bit SP1 But, Crysis doesn't seems to play well, both the demo and v1.2.1 when running at all...
  5. MambaXL

    Please Help. regarding graphics

    I am soon switching from my onboard G965 to XFX GTX260. Please give me a complete guide to do the same. BTW, I have Vista Home Basic x64 SP1 running on ASUS P5B-VM. I dont want want to reinstall windows and there is also too much stuff for taking backup. Please Help. Thnx. XFX GX-260N-ADF9...
  6. MambaXL

    storage domain as a career , need feedback and suggestion

    Hi, I have 0~1 years of industry experience. I have an urge to jump into storage domain , and make a career into that field. So, I need any suggestion and feedback, and if any one can guide me ? I'll be more than happy. Thnx Anyway
  7. MambaXL

    firmware upgrade ?

    hi there. how can i update the firmware of Huawei SmartAX MT882 , i googled it , and found that it can be done via tftp, I want to know how to do it . also i have downloaded the firmware(s) as they were posted on digit forum. But they dont seem to work. the files are in .bin format and when i...
  8. MambaXL

    i m doomed , plz help me

    i have upgraded my huawei mt882's firmware to a version dated july 6th 2005. now the problem is my router is mt882 , and after upgrade , it has become mt880. also i m facing many line drops. my network activity gets disconnected frequently. i should not have upgraded the firmware ( it was june...
  9. MambaXL

    changing cpu fan blow direction .

    hi folks , i am experiencing heavy noise ( i mean very very noisy ) , since past 4 days from my PC. it's even gets restarted automatically , whenever i play some game , like ut2004, hl2, ut99 etc. my cpu temperatures are quite normal , at just under 50degC. one unusual thing is that ...
  10. MambaXL

    OpenGL 1.5 compatibility on G965 (ASUS P5B-VM)

    hello everyone. i am having problems running opengl games on my PC . i know it supports opengl 1.5 but i dont think its been initialized , but games like quake4 and doom3 doesnot initialize at all :(, along with cod2, and full spectrum warrior. but quake 3 arena runs smooth. my specs are c2d...
  11. MambaXL

    Tweaking G965 on P5B-VM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there , I want serious help to tweak my internal graphics of ASUS P5B-VM ( which is GMA 3000 or GMA X3000 - god knows ) to run some games like HL2 , CSS , DOOM3 etc. . I was expecting a lot from this chipset but now i am totally unsatisfied. And also i am experiencing heavy frame rate drops...
  12. MambaXL

    Please Help .. I am Infected.

    I have 1 desktop and 1 laptop in LAN (using Cross Over Cable). Both of my machines are infected by a same virus ( as i suspect , but not sure ). My internet connection stops responding frequently . I use BSNL DataOne. Even if i turn off my modem , the notification icon doesnot change (it looks...
  13. MambaXL

    LAN via USB !

    Is it possible to create a Local Area Connection between 2 or more computers using USB interface ? :confused: I have 2 Laptops and 1 Desktop. Thanks.
  14. MambaXL

    fast, low ping, low latency, high data rate ports for multiplayer gaming

    Hi There, I am in search of fast, low ping, low latency, high data rate ports (both tcp/ip & udp) to boost gaming experience, over the web. If someone can help, it will be highly appreciated. Also he/she will get a mention in my paper publication( to be done in my college). Hoping to find...
  15. MambaXL

    Gaming on GMA x3000 (G965 Chipset) !!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys, i want to know that can i tweak any internal settings for a gma x3000 chipset to boost gaming performance ? please educate me on using those setting (like those opengl settings in intel's control panel). I use the dx90c dec redist, but still many games lag in performance, even DOOM3...
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