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    application error help?

    recently i upgraded my pc from P3 to AMD 2800 uP with 512 MB RAM now, whenever i try to intstall mozilla thunderbird and mozilla suite, after the installation when programm launches it shows following error application error The instruction at "0x77c578f3" referneced memory at...
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    video recording software for 6600???

    in 6600, by default video capture is only for 9 sec, how to increase this without increasing memory which is currently 64 MB are there any software available to do so???
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    yahoo & firefox

    while using ie6, emoticons can be inserted in yahoo mail, but not with firefox, the whole toolbar disappears.. why is it so???
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    Unable to install opera

    hi there, when i tried to install new opera from digit, it shows the error about dll file, and says invalid address, so i tried downloading fresh copy from opera website same error continues, i've also tried with old versions of opera, i'm unable to install it :( please help
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    reboot problem

    hi guys; this is my first post to this forum; :D i have pIII 800 Mhz pc with mercury motherboard; its about 4 years old, it has very odd problem that it gets restart automatically frequently with out any application runing, although im upgrading my pc to amd 2800 with asus motherboard...
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