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    Free Stock images website....

    Eh? Aint there ne more? I just need some more sites for my image collection... need during ppts or so... Google image search sux!
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    Free Stock images website....

    Well guys, I know only two of the extensive freely available stock free image sites... www.corbis.com and www.sxc.hu. They offer reasonably big sized images for free download. Do you know any more sites... Please do post. Your contribution will be valuable.
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    Entry Level Scanner??? Urgent

    I already have a HP deskjet 3920 and Xerox Phaser 3117 printers...I am more than happy with the performance of the Xerox laser printer. What I want right now is just a scanner... Isnt there any scanner in the range of 3-3.5k for epson and canon brands? Though HP is good I though it would be the...
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    Entry Level Scanner??? Urgent

    pls suggest a scanner soon...Want to knw the prices and the quality
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    Entry Level Scanner??? Urgent

    Hello, I have to urgently buy a scanner. I want a scanner for home use but which offers a good quality in scan. I would like to choose bet Epson, Canon and Hp only. Let me know which scanner is good in quality and most important its approx price. Thank You
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    I have applied for DataOne broadband. I was told that they have 4 modems of the following prices: 1200/- 1500/- 1800/- 2000/- Availability of all of the above modems was unsure. Also the personnel at the office were unaware of the differeces in features of the above modems. I...
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    There are charges of the modem rent only. That is if you dont have one or do not plan to buy one from them. The charges aree rs 100 per month. So for the trial u have to pay 200rs. Also wen u tek the modem on rent u have to pay rs 500 as deposit. So its free. But sux with its plan. As...
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    Whats the difference between ASP & ASP.NET

    PHP rox man. ASP is too lame to be used. You have to install sooooo many components and have to pay for them. While php there is huge resource on net all fro free. While it is much more powerful, easy to learn if u knw C. and the best is that it works on windows and linux both. Whilw ASP works...
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    open source alternative for Frontpage???

    I bet u cand find anything that will beat this. Try Nvu pronounced as New View. Newez.... it shud do all the WYSIWYG job for U. U can download ver 1.0 from its official website.......here is the link. www.nvu.com
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    Digit Patron Helpdesk: Everything you wanted...

    Ibot my digit mag on 26th nov.. the digit patron code didnt work. I was frustrated... Fired all the hell out on digit. Made an email to them regarding the problem. Made a post here. It got worst in 2-3 dez wen things didnt work. Didnt get ne mail from them But i logged in on 30th nite and...
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    Gmail not opening..... please help!

    No prob with AIRTEL. U must have had a bad connection. Gmail takes time to load.
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    font used by bajaj for there vehicles ??????

    They all could have ccustom made fonts... Mayb just changing a few corners and lines in some other fonts.
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    Adobe Photoshop 6 installation problem in winXP

    deres no prob with win xp... nor addobe photoshop 6!! And untill u dont post xxact error v cant tracee it out. But pls if u can... and really want to enjoy and admire photoshop.... upgrade dude. Get CS2 version o better
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    MOBILE RATES!!! for all u guyz....

    Saw many posts requesting for prices of mobiles... These r some prices which I had. Chk them out! S.No. Model Price 1 O2 XDA III Rs.40,500 2 O2 XDA II s Rs.40,000 3 NOKIA - 8800 Rs.39,800 4 NOKIA - 9500 Rs.35,800 5 NOKIA - N-90 Rs.33,400 6 O2 XDA II mini Rs.29,500...
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    Recovering a lost windows partition

    None of the softwares work as this.... Partition magic... ha i had lost my partitions.... Beliv me, i dwnloaded 9-10 softwares frm net. All boasting to be the best out there. None works. Only one salvaged me.... EASY PARTITION RECOVERY
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    How to make software collection like this?

    dont learn nethin..... just do a few clix and get goin Use swishmax
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    How to change the Video Card Bus Speed?

    i dont think it shud work on 1x if ur motherboard supports 4x.It shud and will work max on 4x. Pls give ur motherboard manufacturer and specifications
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    I am sure this is gonna help! S.No. Model Price 1 O2 XDA III Rs.40,500 2 O2 XDA II s Rs.40,000 3 NOKIA - 8800 Rs.39,800 4 NOKIA - 9500 Rs.35,800 5 NOKIA - N-90 Rs.33,400 6 O2 XDA II mini Rs.29,500 7 NOKIA - 9300 Rs.28,800 8 SONYERICSSON - Z800i Rs.27,500 9...
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    DVD . ISO

    u cant write dvd iso's on cd's man
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    SAGEM mobiles

    Hi, Wanna go for a good new mobile. Budget 12000/- Shud have good camera capture quality and no service probs for 2yrs. Found nokia suiting best. Wanna know if Sagem wud beat it. It has a gr8 phone for tht price... only i m worried if it will give any probs...
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