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  1. altimate

    how to create something like this.......

    http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2004/explorers/interactive/deconstruct/vkboard/virtualkeyboard.swf hi ppl, i want to make a product presentation in flash and the theme is exactly like the presentation which i've linked here. actually i m not at all familiar with the flash making and all the...
  2. altimate

    Is is that safe??????laptop battery hack

    Watch this VDO: http://www.flixya.com/video/516177/Laptop_Battery_Hack!_Dont_Buy_A_New_One! as shown in the Vdo, is it safe for the laptop as i have a dreaded battery problem or u guys suggest any other ideas?
  3. altimate

    "Adsense and AJAX" Can these both go together?

    I read on many web pages that if my site uses total AJAX functionalities then adsense would not work properly, since adsense needs a page refresh before it can scan the page and fetch appropriate ads... + search engine indexing is also not possible with AJAX.. So what should i do??? Stick to...
  4. altimate

    Adsense w.r.t Blospot versus Adsense w.r.t Website

    Is there anything like - google approves ur adsense account more rapidly if u demand it for blogspot(i.e. for a blog) rather than for a personal domain website? Are there any additional features w.r.t. adsense which can be used only with blogspot and not on the web site???
  5. altimate

    USB Networking

    I have bought a simple USB-USB cable without any convertor circuit in between the connectors of the cable . Just a simple USB extension cable with MALE connectors on both the sides. I want to transfer the data between 2 WIN XP machines. Also if possible i want to establish a USB LAN with...
  6. altimate


    HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My PC is infected with a deadly virus Some of the symptoms are: It disabled the registry i.e. when i type regedit in RUN menu the PC gets restarted + any changes to the registry results in a restart It disabled my FOLDER OPTIONS So I...
  7. altimate

    how to enhance indoor mobile network coverage ??

    my mobile does not offer indoor network coverage i.e. when i m in my house .The problem is in the network coverage itself and not in the mobile. please suggest me the cost effective ways by which i can improve the network coverage in my room.
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