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    Monitor power settings not workin' properly

    Hi all, this problem is absolutely silly to ask here. but i have no clue what the problem is. my screensaver is set to 1 min and turn off monitor at 2 mins. now i m pretty sure i have this only profile activated, the settings as i said but what happens dat it doesnt always behave the same...
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    KNOPPIX >> Why cant i get thro' the installation

    Hi all, I installed Knoppix on my system. Used this steps. - enter using live cd - press ctrl+alt+F2 - knx-hdinstall i did the formatting stuff and the files and then i rebooted but i could not get anything. i guess there was a problem with bootloader install. can anyone guide me how...
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    A Windows XP Serious Error! Recover me plz.

    Situation: Everything was working fine till yesterday and when i started my comp today, it had a classic login screen. And i didn't do that. Then came a dialog box saying "The system has recovered from a serious error". Now each time i make the restart i see the same login screen, same dialog...
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    My PC hangs after running 24 hrs. Why???

    Well work loads made me keep my comps running more than 24 hrs. They have been hating me. Anywasy I have 2 comps running line by line. 1. P4@2.8 GHz HT / 865 GBF / 256 DDR / 80 GB Samsung / Win XP Pro 2. P4@2.4 GHz / 845 Mercury / 128 DDR / 80 GB Seagate / Win XP Pro Now PC1 hangs after...
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    Broadband @ 256+ What about lower speeds? Aren't they broad?

    At last it became a humour corner and not a web hosting guide. Thanks to govt. of india. :-) bsnl had late entry in broadband market, very late and then it defined (edited: TRAI) broadband to be anything 256 kbps+. till then sify had been giving some 64kbps broadband lines. now boys keep...
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    Resolution/ Table problem on Digit Forums.

    I have a 17' monitor and i m running my comp on 1024 x 768 resolution. Everything works fine except few threads where i get horizontal scroll bars. I m listing an example. http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26878 Its a recent posting abt free web hosting. I want somebody to...
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    MyPC starts 1/10 times

    Well i have been facing it from last week only n the prob z very new. The power is there on the green light of motherboard as well as the outer LED of the cabinet. As soon as i switch on my PC cabinet's LED gets ON. But nothing comes on monitor (I mean booting actually doesnt start). Config...
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    using scripts to maintain decency!!! help help.

    shit i wrote "s h i t" (with no spaces,of course) and it appears like this. anybody has idea abt the script being used here. or is this like it comes pre-configured (or can be configures) with phpBB. i could not notice it before. i apreciate the idea.
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    My Graphics Card prob

    hi all, i m new to graphics cards. have never used them. the new one i have is a "G-Force FX series graphics card 128 mb ddr tv" which is written at its back. now the problem is when i plug in its agp slot, it runs (as it heats up) but my Windows XP doesnt detect it. I installed drivers but of...
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