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  1. devilzdad

    UCWEB network settings???

    I have downloaded Ucweb english ver 5.01 from there site for my nokia 5700... but the problem is whenever i open the application it shows network initialization failed.... in network settings i have chosen access point as "Airtel online", but still it is showing error... so guys plz help me with...
  2. devilzdad

    how to change font colour in 5700??

    Guys, Is there any software to change font colour in S60 3rd edition phones?? if anyone knows the software then plz give me the link???
  3. devilzdad

    Softwares for my new 5700??

    Hi guys, I got my new nokia 5700 n i have activated Airtel online .... till now i have installed opera mini, GoTalk Mobile and fring... but not able to use fring........guys so plz temme from where i can d\l new free softwares n also shortcut keys for my nokia 5700.... P.S.: I'm loving...
  4. devilzdad

    is it worth buying N70???

    Why there is not much discussion on N70M in this forum ?? In this entire forum i found only three or four threads in which there is little discussion about N70.... guys plz give ur opinion abt N70M?? I heard dat it takes hell lot of time to open applications .......and also temme should i go for...
  5. devilzdad

    help me to buy a phone....

    Hi, My budget is around 10K. It should have a good(2MP) cam. I mainly use that mobile to connect to internet. So it shld have atleast Class 10 GPRS. I like both SE and Nokia. So plz suggest me some phones........:confused:
  6. devilzdad

    need help about symbian OS??

    Hi, I have decided to buy either nokia 5700 or SE k810i. But by going thro' previous thread in this forum i realised that SE camera rocks but it does not have any OS. So guys plz tell me wat is the advantage of having symbian OS or any other OS in mobile phone??? so that i can decide whether...
  7. devilzdad

    C question??

    void main() { char far *ptr1,*ptr2; printf("%d %d", sizeof(ptr1),sizeof(ptr2)); } The output look like 4 2 why not it become 4 4. Note: sorry guys its "sizeof(ptr2)"
  8. devilzdad

    reliable shopping websites in INDIA???

    can anyone suggest me the best(reliable) shopping(gadgets) websites in india??? when i searched in google, i came up with these sites... futurebazaar.com, sify online shopping .com...... are these sites deliver original stuff or second hand?? and also i wanna know whether is it safe to go for...
  9. devilzdad

    help needed pen drive with mp3 player

    can u guys plz suggest me a gud pen drive with mp3 player with FM at cost of Rs.3000- 3500????
  10. devilzdad


    Whenever i play any songs in windows media player 11, the sound comes only frm right side speaker.I can't hear any sound frm other speaker.Both speakers works well with other media players. can anyone plz help me to solve this problem??
  11. devilzdad

    Problem with WM player 11

    Whenever i play any songs in windows media player 11, the sound comes only frm right side speaker.I can't hear any sound frm other speaker.Both speakers works well with other media players. can anyone plz help me to solve this problem?? oops..... sorry guys, posted in wrong section........!!!!
  12. devilzdad

    Installation problem....

    While installing ubuntu 6.10, it's not detecting any of my partitions...... when i selected "manually edit partiton table" its showing entire HDD....i'm not able to select particular partition where i can install ubuntu....... plz help me guys....:confused:
  13. devilzdad

    Need ur valuable suggestions......

    I have decided to give seminar on dis topic: " BASH scripting ". Time: 30 min I have decided to divide it into two parts. First part:Wat is linux (Ubuntu)?, The problems with windows, Advantages of linux, GNU project, GNU and linux together, Different flavors of linux and difference b\w...
  14. devilzdad

    Why it's happening with me???

    I don't know Y its happening with me...... first,i tried to install ubuntu 6.10 using live CD but due to pro in gparted i was not able to do dat.Again i tried with different torrent there also i experienced the same pro..... then thought of installing ubuntu 6.06, so i d\led ubuntu 6.06...
  15. devilzdad

    Pro with ubuntu...??

    Yesterday i tried to upgrade my ubuntu 5.10 to 6.06 using the software update manager.When i rebooted my PC i was not able to use GNOME display..... its showing dat there is some pro with xserver. So i used the following command : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg But dis didn't solve my...
  16. devilzdad

    Wat is nxt??

    Now i have learnt(atleast i assume like dat) all the basic things like using terminal to install softwares, upgrading and updating them, some basic commands........which a newbie shld know abt Ubuntu OS.The next question infront of me is: " wat is next?" apart frm using ubuntu for browsing...
  17. devilzdad

    Is linux worth learning?

    Hi frnds, I'm a newbie to the world of linux(Ubuntu).So it's sucking most of my time and energy.I experienced difficulties starting frm the installing ubuntu OS to installing softwares in ubuntu.Of course i'm ready to spend as much time it requires.But now a days one simple...
  18. devilzdad

    damn confused??

    hi frnds, Few days back i installed ubuntu 5.10, then i thought to upgrade it to 6.10. so i downloaded the new version using torrent frm linuxtracker.org but in dat whenever i chose manually edit partition table, a window "gparted" will appear n strucks there...... i tried with different...
  19. devilzdad

    Need Seminar Ideas.......

    Hello everyone I'm looking for seminar topics for my final year in Engineering. Actually i'm related to electronics domain. I'm considering doing something on Linux, considering that I love it so much -- I'm still learning it though(newbie). The topic could be anything computer-related at all...
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