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    Strategy vs Action Games !

    Let us see if people would like to debate this. Action Games are very addictive but strategy games are addictive as well as really good ones make u think and plan and learn ! I mean look at a game like Civ IV. You can play it for a year and still learn something new that will improve ur...
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    Debate branded vs assembled PC

    Has there been a debate here on branded vs assembled PC ? I have bought two computers earlier and took branded (Compaq presario) both times. Reasons were: 1. I found that for like to like configuration, branded PC and assembled PC prices were nearly the same. 2. Branded PC does get you...
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    System does not always read the new RAM

    I recently upgraded the RAM of my Presario SR 1930 IL (2.8 GHz, 512 MB as installed). I took a 1 Gig Zion Ram and put into the second slot. While installing, we found that when both RAMs are there, it reads only the original 512 MB RAM. BIOS shows second Memory Bank "not installed". If we...
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    graphics card query

    Looks like noone will read 169th page of official graphics card thread so posting the query in a new thread: I have a computer with 300 W power supply and x 16 PCI express slot. Which is the best graphics card I can instal ?
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    5 best strategy games ever

    Alright, I am deciding which one to buy after Civ IV and you guys can help and also post your opinion which all of us like. Which are the 5 best strategy games ever ? Here is my list: Starcraft (certainly the best) ! Civ IV Homeworld Rise of Nations Warcraft III Go guys. Post your lists !!!
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    "The Longest Journey"

    Anyone in Kolkata got the original game. I will be willing to buy it. But original CD only. We have never used pirated games ..
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    Starcraft II

    Anyone has any idea when it will finally be available on shelves ?
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    Video card - is it worth installing a new one

    Hi all, This is my first post. I happen to be an avid gamer. playing Civ IV right now. I have a compaq presario SR IL 1930. I will bother you to view the configuration at this URL (I really want u guys to advise me on this one, so do go to the URL and see) -...
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