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    Free Stock images website....

    Well guys, I know only two of the extensive freely available stock free image sites... www.corbis.com and www.sxc.hu. They offer reasonably big sized images for free download. Do you know any more sites... Please do post. Your contribution will be valuable.
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    Entry Level Scanner??? Urgent

    Hello, I have to urgently buy a scanner. I want a scanner for home use but which offers a good quality in scan. I would like to choose bet Epson, Canon and Hp only. Let me know which scanner is good in quality and most important its approx price. Thank You
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    MOBILE RATES!!! for all u guyz....

    Saw many posts requesting for prices of mobiles... These r some prices which I had. Chk them out! S.No. Model Price 1 O2 XDA III Rs.40,500 2 O2 XDA II s Rs.40,000 3 NOKIA - 8800 Rs.39,800 4 NOKIA - 9500 Rs.35,800 5 NOKIA - N-90 Rs.33,400 6 O2 XDA II mini Rs.29,500...
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    SAGEM mobiles

    Hi, Wanna go for a good new mobile. Budget 12000/- Shud have good camera capture quality and no service probs for 2yrs. Found nokia suiting best. Wanna know if Sagem wud beat it. It has a gr8 phone for tht price... only i m worried if it will give any probs...
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    Bandwidth limiter

    I want to know if there is any software by which I can limit the bandwidth speed in use by an account? I have dataoe broadband, and I want to excercise more control over usage by other memebers. Like can any software make the 256kbps run at 56kbps or so?
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    Partitions Deleted!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

    I was reinstalling XP and formatted my C:... The setup deleted all my partitions. I have extremely i portant data on my D: which is now in the unpartitioned space. Can I recover my data as it was? Now I have connected my hdd to another sytem... Pls suggest me some software to recover all...
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    ERROR: "Missing Operating System"

    I had Win98 and Suse Linux on my PC. I tried to install Win XP. During installation when the system rebooted it gave me an error "Missing Operating System". There after it did not detect any operating system at boot. So I installed Linux again. It worked. Now whenever I try installing WinXP...
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    Hello, I am supposed to design a news management system for a local news bulletin. One option is to code everything. The other is using php opensource. Is there any such open source which will allow one to add daily news to one's site. Add photos in them, etc, etc???
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    I want to buy a reseller webhosting plan from an indian hosting company. My budget is 5k. And I want good data transfer per month. I was impressed with the plan available on www.siliconhouse.net but their monthly bandwidth seems to be 2GB only. And I want much more. Pls suggest a company...
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    Dual layer DVD media in India???

    Is Dual Layer DVD media available in India??? If yes... then where can I fetch it?
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    I am trying to connet to my access database thro ASP. This code worked earlier on my comp, but after re-installing OS it dsnt. I can read records but cannot add records. It gives foll error: Error Type: Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80040E09) Cannot update. Database or object is...
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    Cheap DVD media???

    Well I just bought a sony 800a. The DVD media that I get here in Goa are Iomega for Rs 40 and moser baer for 45. I wanted cheaper DVD media which wud wrk fine on my DVD riter. Please suggest some. As I will be going to Pune and plan to buy in bulk. Also please let me knw... where in Pune can I...
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    Better DVD Writer?

    I searched the forum and got mixed reviews over the foll models of DVD writers. Can anyone b kind enough to rank the them in performance and also provide their prices. I will be glad to knw abt other models which out perform these: 1> BENQ 1640 2> BENQ 1620 3> SONY 720A 4> SONY 800A
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    OCR for formulae

    I have scanned images of my Heat And Mass Transfer book. There are lots of formulae in it. I want to convert it into editable text. How do I do that? I am using Abby OCR. I get invalid characters after converting. Are there any installable dictionaries that if used in the software will...
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    DAP download speed

    I have a 56Kbps dialup connection. I use DAP 7.2 at extreme acceleration spped to download stuff. The maximum constant speed that I get on it is around 2.7-3.0 KBps. Sometimes it varies to 3.5KBps. Can I inc it more. Say to somewhere around 4.5-5KBps?
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    Does Brothers In Arms - road to hill 30 work on fx 5200? I am getin an error General Protection fault! Wat cud b the prob? I got 512MB ram an 1.7GHz system
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    I want to buy a graphics card which supports AGP 2.0, 4X complatible and 128MB in the range of 3000 and below. My motherboard supports only AGP 2.0 and 4X card. Earlier I tried Gigabyte FX 5200, but it did not work on my intel 845GL mobo. But it did not work as it supported only AGP3.0...
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    I was tryin g to change my monito output to AGP from VGA in BIOS. Bt I did nt find such an option. So I disabled my VGA output. Now my monitor dsnt show anything.!!! Waht 2 do? Pls help fast!
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    HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! Immediately

    I just bought a GIGABYTE XFX 5200 128MB GRAPHICS CARD. MY mobo is Intel 845 chipset. I put it into the AGP slot, connected my monitor to its display port. But my monitor dsnt show anything. I goes off when i put on the CPU. Please help fast!! Wat to do????? I am doing it all by myself...
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    I wanted some flas tuts..........Swish Tuts will also do
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