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  1. Mohi

    Stand By or Stand away?

    Hi, These days everytime when I put my machine in standby mode, it does not come back in working mode again n i have to restart it. I dont no why this is happening! Please help!
  2. Mohi

    Help Help Help

    Hi, What is Oracle????? And how can i learn visual basic without joining an institute or teacher????HELP HELP HELP!!!!:confused:
  3. Mohi

    Make it transparent!!

    Hi , I wanna make my taskbar transparent. How can I? without installing any software for it. How? Please suggest!:D
  4. Mohi

    Ericcson vs PC PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Hi, I recently got a Sony Ericsson Z530i for me. I connected it to my PC through a USB data cable. It was working fine but after a few days my PC's sound got somewhat corrupted. It became scratchy and was missing at some places. I tried troubleshooting my hardware but it was ok. Finally i had...
  5. Mohi


    hello, I recently transformed my XP to Vista froom the Digit DVD's "vista transformation pack by Mr windows X". And the bad news is that my system has grown slower. The vista side Bar takes a lot of time to appear after i log on. Please help!!:-:confused:
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