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  1. Log_net2

    [For Sale] Earphones sale

    please check pm
  2. Log_net2

    can you access wikileaks?

    it seems BSNL BB blocking wikileaks. @ Techalomaniac and cool G: Are you usng non-BSNL?
  3. Log_net2

    can you access wikileaks?

    thanks strange
  4. Log_net2

    can you access wikileaks?

    I could not accessed wikileaks.org.Is it blocked by the Govt.Its working using proxy. i am using openDNS,BSNL BB. thanks
  5. Log_net2

    You think our BB is Cheap

    @ichi: LOL nice work BB is a misused term; here in India as per our Government BB is at minimum 256 kbps :-) which is not in other developed countries. my own definition of BB is upload/download 1mbps :)) i am ready to shell my money if i got those plans.
  6. Log_net2

    You think our BB is Cheap

    [/URL my middle finger to AIRTEL and RELIANCE for calling their LIMITED PLANS to being UNLIMITED
  7. Log_net2

    laptop reviews website

    this is the best out there http://www.laptopmag.com
  8. Log_net2

    Fz16 153cc VS Apache rtr 160cc

    i dont say that TEST DRIVE BOTH(sure do this) and make ur decision. RTR is taller than FZ but cutting seats is not a problem. See also the price difference if price matters to you. One good thing about FZ is MONOSHOCK which is not bad. my pulsar has no kick start i am not worried about it...
  9. Log_net2

    Fz16 153cc VS Apache rtr 160cc

    Quick COmparison between FZ16 and RTR.The first one is for FZ16. 1) Price(Delhi) : 65 and 57 2)Displacement: 153cc and 159.7cc 3) Power (in PS): 14ps and 15.5ps 4) Torque(in Nm): 13.6 and 13.1 5) Ps/ton :111.1 and 113.9 6) FZ has a wider tyre. 7) Both has a disc brake in front and drum...
  10. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    hey desiibond thanks.I'll look into that. i had formatted his C drive from FAT32 to NTFS so i think slim chances but i am sure going to try; it seem Stellar would do the work. thanks again.
  11. Log_net2

    extremely low speeds in bsnl home unlimited 750 plan

    you should get around 30-32 kBps (not 15kBps know the difference between kbps and kBps);the best way would be a complaint to BSNL in your area (but we all know how pathetic BSNL customer service is). it can be a line problem, if there are much noise in u r line u might get low speed; let...
  12. Log_net2

    Pen drive malfunction

    try reformatting and also test in ( if possible virus free) other computers.
  13. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    thanks Coool for recover my files seem to be a good one i'll try that. yeah nice lesson learned. offtopic: tell me more about ur sig airtel free mobile internet ;-),thanks.
  14. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    thanks virus not from the urban dictionary ;-) i know it would be very hard but is there any slim chance. i know about PC Inspector i used it once or twice i thinks its not so powerful thanks for the tip.
  15. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    my cousin husband asked me to reinstalled his corrupt windows; without second thought i did it for him :(. I boot with UBCD and live linux to move important files from his c drive but i forgot to have a deeper look into his my document where he stored important photos and documents (he dont...
  16. Log_net2

    help!! virus ... :( hijack this logs

    hey there go here http://hijackthis.de and post your log yes explorer.exe is not a spyware
  17. Log_net2

    Issues with comodo firewall pro

    you need to change the settings. to add comodo is one of the best free out there.:p
  18. Log_net2

    Live Messenger 2009 released

    134 mb; it came along with Mail,gallery,silverlight,office outlook connector etc :)
  19. Log_net2

    Time to end piracy....at least to an extent.

    dont agree :-?; piracy will not end.Its is through education and rightful information that piracy can be reduced.
  20. Log_net2

    crashing chrome

    still beta:p but bad if it is.
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