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    graphics card or RAM

    hi ive currently got gforce 5200 nd 256 MB RAM.. im plannin to buy a gforce 6600.. shud i buy it or upgrade my RAM
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    which portable mp3 player??

    Hi friends im planning too buy a portable mp3 player. ive loooked for iriver, creeative, apple. my budget is 5000-8000 rupees vid minimum of 1 GB memory. which player shud i buy?? plz help me guys
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    how much can i overclock my gfx 5200

    hey guys ive got a gfx 5200. i m thinking of overclockim it but do not know to what extent can i overclock it. 3Dmark 2005 benchmark test is of 200 Mb so is impossible to download on my dial-up connection. ne ideas???
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    drive-by in gta

    hey ne of u know how 2 do a drive-by while in a car in gta for pc??
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    do xbox emulators work???

    hey i was jus wonderin if we could play xbox games on pc which r the best emulators and r there ne probs playin vid them
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    best pc car racer other than nfs????

    hey guys ive just completed nfsu2 and im looking for some other interestin racing games..wat do u suggest??
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    stuck in hell

    hey man ive been stuck in hell in doom 3 for 3 days trying to kill that damn big monster. ne ideas how 2 kill that ugly thing???
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    best registry cleaner

    Hey ...can nebody tell which is the best freeware software to clean and optimize registry??
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    GTA san andreas and gfx 5200

    hey ive just got my copy of gta san andreas but it isnt showing anything on my gfx 5200 128 MB RAM. is it not compatible???
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    saved games of nfs u2

    hey.. do any of d guys here know in wich folder are the saved games of nfs u2 present..
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    cheapest bradband in mumbai

    hey do any of d guys here know which is the cheapest broadband service avilable in mumbai?? i have enqured about sify; is it good??
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    cds do not autoplay

    ive got this really sticky problem, the cds do not autoplay. ever since i used autopatcher xp, my system is in a complete mess. eve the .jpeg files do not show themselves in thumbnail view. i even tried to restore system but no use. can sum1 help???
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    couple of nfs u2 problems

    can anybody tell me how to pay our own tracks on nfs u2. secondly my computer"s configs r: intel pentium 4 1.7 GHz 40 GB HDD 256 MB SD ram GeForce fx 128 Ram but still the game doesnt run smooth
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    Genefral query about partition

    ive a general query about partition; spose i ave win 98 on C drive and win2000 on D, what will happen if i ran win XP installation directly from 98. Will 2000 also get removed??
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    removing partition

    I hav windows 2000 on C drive and windows xp on D drive. Now i want to remove XP. How do i do it. Can smeone help me?
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    problem installing enter the matrix

    HI, i hav problem instaling enter the matrix game cd. Everytime i run installation after sometime it gives error "Component Failure". What does it mean ? I changed my operating system, also ran installation from hard disk after copying but didnt solve. Pls can someone help me as i want to play...
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