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    Feedback [May 2012]

    ok fine... :) :-D
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    Preview and Feedback [April 2012]

    Thanks for visual studio.....
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    Preview + Feedback [April 2010]

    what about the fast track book does it contains how to FConnect and Fshare ??? Is this book for Programmers or for normal people ????
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    [Preview + Feedback] Nov 2009

    :-( Not a single software on developer section... ????? But thanks for Norton Internet security...... Not a good idea on Fast track to gaming consoles......
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    Preview + Feedback [July 2009]

    Again a repeat issue of fast track....... and they ask us to suggest new topics........... where is visual studio 2010 beta version........ and they have provided digit archive is it full or beta......
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    Preview + Feedback June 2009

    In the may mag the editior himself told that they will be launching the digit archive....... I cant see no where in the list.... again a huge disappointment...... no movie Dvd...???? in the list.........
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    Preview + Feedback, May 2009

    The Problem continues..... no digit archive...... And by the way where is the Game Section..??????????? There are only reviews and videos....... I was expecting fast track to dot net or SQL..........The Mag looks ok.. Thanks for rescue CD :razz:
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    [Preview + Feedback] April 2009

    Thanks a ton for the AJAX book........ Since last few months digit is listening to programmers thats gr8........
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    [By Demand] May 2009

    Bring back take a crack? in mag ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- +1 for this :smile:
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    [By Demand] May 2009

    hi, what about digit archive where is that ??? what about small games all old good things are getting disappeared. Well try to include a fastrack book on sql or c# or asp.net
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    [By Demand] March 2009

    ok here is my small list 1) Bring back digit archive 2) in fast track i want .Net fundamentals and advance 3) if not the above, then include SQL book 4) bring back the small games this is it for now :-D
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    [Preview + Feedback] January 2009

    this edition is real gift to programmers but wating for dot net fast track, and one more thing where is the digit archive software ????????? pl bring it back
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    [By Demand] Feb 2009

    pl bring back digit archive as we have to make so much of pain if we need to find a software or a game i dont know why all of sudden this is stoped is team digit realy listening
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    Help on USB port ????

    can please any one tell me how to go into registry and ublock the usb port!!!!!!!
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    problem with internet explorer

    No nothing is happening, i followed the given steps, i also deleted the registery i.e the window title but it is getting reborn within 5 seconds!!! please help
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    problem with internet explorer

    hi i have a problem with my internet explorer, whenever i open it in the caption of the internet explorer i see about blank but no (microsoft internet explorer) but i see about blank followed by pc protected by shirke ghatkopar mumbai e, i have scaned my pc with virus scan and spyware scan but...
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    HELP!!! want to build a project on dot net

    Hi every one, in my final module i have learned dot net C# (ASP.NET, ADO.NET)......., i have to build a project but dont have a topic and specification three of us will be building this project in 10 days of time please provide some sites, or topic, as we are looking for specification..........!
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    [By Demand] June 2008 7th Anniversary Special

    lots of small games, antivirus and please include this time the plastic cases which you people dont provide on Anniversay the round cd covers are hard enough to spoil the dvd, those who are buying the digit will know the value of these plastic jewel cases. which you normally provide.
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    Cannot connect java with oracle

    Hiplease help as i have problem connecting java with oracle the connectioncode which i m implementing is working in my college but not a my place Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Oracle:thin:@//ip address of...
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    help for the following statement

    can please any one tell me what is the meaning of the below statement 1) Account acc; 2) Account acc = new Savings Account; can the second statement be applied for abstract classes as i have heared abstract classes cannot be instantiated but we can create objects:confused: :confused...
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