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    Very unique issue with Windows XP

    I've been an avid admirer of Microsoft Windows for a couple of years now, and I have been using the OS without any actual problem that I can't fix myself. However, I've come a across a situation which has now forced me to use the Windows 7 beta release because I am not able to use windows XP...
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    Formatting Vista

    I installed vista ultimate on drive d: I want to format the drive but can't/ I've used the ":\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force" method, but won't work. Plese Help
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    WHat KInd of VIrus is THis?

    I use Windows XP SP2. It somehow got infected with a virus I've never encountered before. Not really destructive but very very annoying. Everytime I try to open websites like "orkut" and "youtube", internet explorer would close immediately and a pop message that says "Orkut/youtube is banned...
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    Soldier of Fortune II multiplayer and Ping

    I've been trying to play SOF2 Double Helix on the internet. Game works well and it isfun. But then, after every few minutes, i get kicked out of the server, with the following messeage - "exceeded ping limit". Now what does that mean and how do i lower my ping limit. Average for most of the...
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    Shrek The Third and my System

    I use Windows XP SP2, running on a pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHZ processor, with 1.24 GB of RAM, on an Intel pi865gm Motherboard. My Graphics Card is Geforce 6200 256 MB. I also use the latest graphics drivers and version of Directx. Now, everytime i tried to run Shrek the Third game,the system hangs...
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    restore arrows

    How Do I RESTORE the icon shortcut arrows in Windows XP. I don't know how they disappear. Thanks.
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    Problem with GeForce drivers

    Hi, I recently bought a GeForce 6200, 256 MB, AGP graphics card, manufactured by Quantum Hi-Tech. I own a Mercury PI865GM mainboard, using Intel extreme graphics, with Pentium 4 (2.39 GHZ), 1.24 GB of RAM (ddr). I also use Windows XP pro with SP2, direct x 9c. Now, my problem is that the...
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    Firewire related Problem

    I've been using different types of Sony handycam camcorders. I just bought the dcr hc 36, and the problem is that my firewire which I've been using and works fine with the other camcorders, cannot detect it. I'm using Win XP SP2. Ive had tried a lot of things, such as running the "regsvr32...
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    Insert Details Nokia 6681

    How do I insert details such as numbers when I'm writing message with my nokia 6681. There is an insert option but only "templates" come up. This has become very inconvenient when I want to insert numbers when I'm texting.
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    Bluetooth data with nokia 6681

    I own a nokia 6681. How do i transfer bluetooth data i receive in my inbox to my PC? I can't find it anywhere except in the inbox. And with the nokia 6270, i cannot access the "saved messages" from my PC. Please help!
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    Graphic Card Problem. Please Help

    I'm using a PIV CPU 2.40 GHZ with 376 MB RAM with 64 MB Intel 82845G Graphics contoller, along with windows XP SP2. my motherboard model is 81845GVM - R2. I've also downloaded and used the latest drivers but whenever I try to run games such as Vitual Pool 3 or Mafia, the system hangs and I have...
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    Well, this one's peculiar

    I'm using an LG 17" monitor. Evreytime I turned this monitor sideway to the left, the left screen became pink. I knew it had something to do with magnet, so I rearranged the spekears. Didn't solve the problem. Strange thing is when I put one speaker to the left side of the monitor (when it's...
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    PCtv installation

    Im installed the Pinnacle PCTV stereo in the extra pci slot on my msi motherboard. All the tests passed except for the last one. Hardware initialization failed. Please help.
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    PCtv installation

    Im installed the Pinnacle PCTV stereo in the extra pci slot. All the tests passed except for the last one. Hardware initialization failed. Please help.
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    PCTV Stereo

    HI, I bought a pctv stereo, version 5.90 build 222 today. My stupid vendor forgot to give me the serial number. Can somebody help me out?
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    Hard Disk Formatting

    Can you please tell me if there is any difference between formatting a drive on the hard disk, and deleting all the contents (including hidden files) on the drive (for example C: drive)?
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    Harddisk Fan

    My cabinet comes with an extra fan which has become extremely loud and annoying ever since winter set in. I don't know why, but i just disconnected the fan which solved the problem. By the way, i've also tried cleaning the fan. Didn't work. Removing the fan shouldn't cause any problem cos winter...
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    Upgrading RAM

    I have a 256 DDR ram which gives only about 191 mb ram on my system. If I want to upgrade it to 512 mb, do I just buy another 256 md DDR and fit it in the extra ram slot? Would there be any compatibilty issue?
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    Hey guys, Can you recommend me a new TV tuner card under Rs. 2000/- capable of real time recording? Thanks
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