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    Zuckerberg flying at 27

    Hi A few months ago Robert thought aloud 'why there are no Mark Zuckerbergs in India'. (by the way Robert is the editor of Digit). Here's why : Mark Zuckerberg's Real Genius: Building The Walmart Of Social Networks
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    Shell for Windows

    All my friends to whom I recommended this shell replacement have graded it 5/5 and/or excellent. Shell for Windows / 1.12 MB Go to Windows/Desktop-Enhancements/Shell-Replacements at softpedia.com Note : Create a system restore point before going in for shell replacements. Edit...
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    Glass Onion

    A developer borrowing words from 'The Beatles' to name his VS has aesthetic sense. And a good one. Many agree it is the best till today. deviantART.com
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    Chrome beauty

    Check this Incredible addon at Chrome Web Store : " Incredible Start Page - Productive Start Page for Chrome"
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    Gift to firefox lovers

    No software on this planet has released like this. This is STYLE. WOW.
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    Sensible 5

    Straight to the point. Name 5 persons who offer sensible answers and solutions. (On TDF ofcourse)
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    Girls only

    Gadgets like Smart Phones, iPads and many others rule lives today. A question for GIRLS : Has any of these Gadgets brought good or bad to you ? your life ? Has it changed your lives for better or for worse ? I believe many of the so called surveys are BUNKUM, hence this direct question to...
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    Browsers War

    Today-9 Mar 2011- Google released its Chrome 10. A few weeks ago MS released IE 9. Firefox's 4 beta is already doing the rounds. The Point is : Everyone is claiming their browser to be faster, more secure etc. Though I have all the 4 major browsers I don't see TOO MUCH DIFFERENCE. Can any user...
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    Why Indians don't buy online ? Why I don't ?

    It was fun reading this article in Feb digit. Deep Insight of Indian buying behavior was much more fun. Now..... My experiences. I wanted a third external drive. I searched online. Details like Month and year of Mfg, month of Import, OS support etc were missing. I went to a Store. Found out that...
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