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    Help on USB port ????

    can please any one tell me how to go into registry and ublock the usb port!!!!!!!
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    problem with internet explorer

    hi i have a problem with my internet explorer, whenever i open it in the caption of the internet explorer i see about blank but no (microsoft internet explorer) but i see about blank followed by pc protected by shirke ghatkopar mumbai e, i have scaned my pc with virus scan and spyware scan but...
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    HELP!!! want to build a project on dot net

    Hi every one, in my final module i have learned dot net C# (ASP.NET, ADO.NET)......., i have to build a project but dont have a topic and specification three of us will be building this project in 10 days of time please provide some sites, or topic, as we are looking for specification..........!
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    Cannot connect java with oracle

    Hiplease help as i have problem connecting java with oracle the connectioncode which i m implementing is working in my college but not a my place Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Oracle:thin:@//ip address of...
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    help for the following statement

    can please any one tell me what is the meaning of the below statement 1) Account acc; 2) Account acc = new Savings Account; can the second statement be applied for abstract classes as i have heared abstract classes cannot be instantiated but we can create objects:confused: :confused...
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    views for java and .net

    hi every one i m new in programming i hv completed 6 languages including vc++ how could any one tell me how is java and .net r they going to same tough as compared to com in vc++
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    Please some one help me

    :( my pc config is 845 motherboard,2.4 ghz 256 ram, i am unable to install windows xp again, when i boot the machine from boot option after few minutes pc shuts down, even when i try to use the last known good config the pc does'nt do anything, i have even changed my optical drive and the cd...
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    help!! i want sites for multiple choice questions

    Please can any one provide me sites that will provide help for questions and answers for c,c++,visual basic and html???? :( :(
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