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  1. kapsicum

    Bhuvan - Google Earth Killer in making...

    Source yes you read it right.... Google Earth killer is on its way & the most astonishing part is its coming from India ... After successfully launching Lunar mission Chandrayaan I, Indian Space agency ISRO is all set to launch it's own satellite mapping service dubbed "Bhuvan", the IRS...
  2. kapsicum

    Amazing 3D Illusions in Poster!

    hey guys check this Amazing 3D Illusions which is actually Holograms taken from 3d image and put it as a frame on the wall. all of you Must Check this site for Video demo
  3. kapsicum

    Universal Email & Social Networking in a NUTSHELL

    originial source hi all I found this quite useful new Mail site (NutShellMail.com - Your Mail in a Nutshell) which can consolidate all your other mail boxes & social networking into One Inbox. This is mainly useful this days when most of us have subscribed to many many Email & Social...
  4. kapsicum

    Side effects of being an IT professionals in India

    A bad new for all bachelor IT pro's ... :( God help me find some Luv soonnnn.... Global recession affects marriage prospects of IT professionals in India The global recessionary trends have affected the young employees of the Indian software industry in Hyderabad in more than one-way...
  5. kapsicum

    Google Android Phone India Launch Announced

    News Source hey guys this is a wonderful news for all us geeks Google Android Mobile Phone powered by HTC phones will be available in India by end of this year in December, The company is in-talks with major mobile operator's for launching the product. Hurray.... :eek: i am surprised...
  6. kapsicum

    Amazing Trick To Create Hidden Text Files w/o Third Party Software

    hey ppl i found this amazing trick to hide a Text file without using any Third-party tool but Notepad. This is really a great one since its too Simple n foolproof since files created using the method below won't show anywhere in DOS or Windows irrespective of the hidden and system display...
  7. kapsicum

    Can i use Tuner Cards IR Remote for other purpose?

    Hi friends i wanna know if i can use my TV Tuner card's bundled remote sensor n remote control for application like in winamp or windows media player, or any other software,with the help of some application/widgets/plugins..etc,
  8. kapsicum

    Autorun HTML CD

    Can any1 help me,how can i autorun a html file in a cd,for presentation.the way digit cds used to have. i tried using the digit way but got dissapointed.any1 plsssssss its urgent.... :x :x :x
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