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  1. xynidexxx

    [For Sale] ASUS GTX 560Ti "TOP" edition

    Model number and details: ASUS ENGTX 560TI DCII/TOP Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Bus Standard PCI Express 2.0 Video Memory GDDR5 1GB Engine Clock 900 MHz CUDA Core 384 Shader Clock 1800 MHz Memory Clock 4200 MHz ( 1050 MHz GDDR5 ) RAMDAC 400 MHz Memory Interface 256-bit...
  2. xynidexxx

    Z68 GEN3 or current GEN2??

    Intel is creating much of a mess here and this is really fast...in the usa, gen3 mobo's are fast replacing the current gen2's as pcie3 components are soon to be released if not later:| and the 22nm ivy bridges are on intel's menu already. All this being said, the gen3 mobo's are up for sale in...
  3. xynidexxx

    Help in getting a new rig 50k max

    Hey folks, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR :) to all and that being said it's high time i change my already graying system.Though its a rough time for us geeks as $ is on its high, i am very much unsure and skeptical about it stabilizing any sooner:? I plan on buying these as of now with a budget of...
  4. xynidexxx

    Why are the prices of processors and mobo's increasing

    :shock:Just was wandering over the various e commercial sites today and to my surprise, except the ram modules everything including proccy's and mobo's are priced 1-1.5 k on the peak more than the normal( i72600k is 18.8k:shock:)..is this has to do something with falling of the INR ?:|
  5. xynidexxx

    XFX 8600gt 512 MB(w/ custom thermaltake LED fan +DVI cable

    1. *Model number and details:XFX 8600GT 512 MB W/ blue LED SORB cooler and DVI cable 2. *Date of purchase: 12/2/2009 3. Reason for sale: got a 560ti :wink: 4. Warranty details: under rashi 3 year warranty 5. *Expected Price: 2,200(free shipping) 6. *Location of Seller: nashik...
  6. xynidexxx

    Z68 vs. P67, what is the difference?

    Suffixes viz. DIGI VRM, PRO, LE as if weren't enough to confuse us on a P67 already:-? until recently this Z68 came up. I'm narrowing down to some very good boards(exclude ROG please:smile:) for my soon-to-exist i5 2500k build and here's what i have chalked out: PROCESSOR: INTEL CORE i5 2500k...
  7. xynidexxx

    PC games 2010

    Hi guys, i intend to sell 1.FIFA 10 PC 2.HAWX 2 PC 3.ASSASSINS CREED:BROTHERHOOD PC 4.NEED FOR SPEED:HOT PURSUIT(2010) Below are some details: 1. Model number and details:Genuine PC GAMES(installed once/100% scratch less and totally re usable KEYS + i will send the buyer all game account...
  8. xynidexxx

    FREE shipping on PrimeABGB till mid-november

    Hey guys today i was just hovering from site to site for checking the shipping rates for my gs600 which i intend to order and to my luck, at primeabgb there is free shipping irrespective of weight till 14th of november:yeahright::-D...m so ordering from there !!..grab things if you want now!!;-)
  9. xynidexxx

    Lynx india or Theitwares?

    I'm really stuck at buying the CORSAIR GS600 power supply which i will be solely buying for my new asus 560ti graphics card. I have checked and compared nearly all the reputable e-tailers(there aren't many:lol:)to just compare the prices and to my dismay only three:-? listed gs 600 on their...
  10. xynidexxx

    Will "it" bottleneck !!

    Hi guys:smile: oops rather geeks:grin:, my asus gtx 560ti dcII top has arrived(with a free batman arkhum city game:greedy:) and i'm just waiting for my gs600 psu. Now all said and done, i have a serious question hovering here and that is: Will my old E7200 2.53Ghz processor with my 4gb ddr2...
  11. xynidexxx

    gtx 560ti compatible power supply

    Hello guys, i have bought the ASUS GTX 560Ti dcII TOP edition card from the USA and its en-route(please don't ask why i bought it from the us).I have a fairly old system comprising of intel C2D e7200, a 945 mobo, 4 gigs of ddr2:lol:ram modules and antec cabinet having 400w of inefficient...
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