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    FS:Old Stuff for sale..

    Here is MB for sale. 1.MSI 945GCM5 V2 (FSB 1333) One year old.It comes with 3 years of warranty from MSI. No bill available,warranty from SN. Price-1650+shipping
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    Corsair VX 450 For Quick Sale

    As per title i am selling Corsair VX 450 Price-2.9k+shipping at actual. SMPS weight is 3KG They will charge 275 near about.. Its hardly used 4 months old purchased from LYNX with remaining 4.8 years of warranty. Bill and Original Box available. current...
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    7600GS 256mb @ 1625+shipping at actual

    Card Sold Price--1625+shipping at actual This card is faster and runs much cooler then 8500GT I have tested both cards. I want to sell XFX 7600GS 256MB PCIe card with 1.5 years(approx) Rashi warranty.I have played game like CRYSIS at medium setting 1024*768 on this card flawless NVIDIA...
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    80GB SATA Brand new SAMSUNG

    Hard disk sold I am willing to sell new 80Gb SATA hard disk which is newly replaced in RMA It has warranty upto 2010 near about. Quote your price....... will add pics soon...
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    HDD 160Gb Seagate 4 years warranty

    Seagate 160Gb Sata 2---ST3160215AS Single platter 4 years warranty 1500 Shipped Excellent Condition Like New.No bad sectors.Seagate Warranty Applicable by serial number for 4 years Approx.
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