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  1. hittheswitch

    Copying mails from thunderbird to server

    Thanks for the replies... I have been reading and it is possible to get the mails back if you are using IMAP but the problem is i access g-mail using pop. I have 2 gmail accounts and both are being accessed by pop. I do have a hotmail account and that too by pop. Any ideas ??
  2. hittheswitch

    Best MP3 player for under Rs 4k

    Increase your budget a lil and you can go for a 16 GB sandisk sansa..
  3. hittheswitch

    Microsoft To Start Shipping Windows 7 In September 2009

    The OS brings in a lot of hope. I have tried it and by far it is way better than Vista. The beta works far better than Vista.
  4. hittheswitch

    Copying mails from thunderbird to server

    Hi, Most of my friends use thunderbird as their e-mail client. So i thought i will give it a try and started using it for 3 of my inboxes. The problem is that i don't like it that much. Now i would like to go back to the basics (checking e-mail using my browser). However the mails were...
  5. hittheswitch

    Adding more hard drives ;)

    Problem Solved. Added a PCI card. All drives work now. Thank You guys :) Appreciate it!
  6. hittheswitch

    Adding more hard drives ;)

    Thank you guys for your prompt replies. Yep.. the PCI IDE card seems to be a nice solution. This way 'll be able to hook up the additonal HDD and DVD writer but there would be a DVD writer going to waste. Anyways, I can live with one DVD writer going to waste. But the problem is, I have two PCI...
  7. hittheswitch

    Adding more hard drives ;)

    I had a day off from work yesterday so i decided to assemble a desktop for myself. I had a whole lot of junk lying in the store room. By the end of the i had a decent desktop with a 17" monitor (and wireless keyboard + mouse :P ). Now i'm facing a problem here. I assembled a desktop with an...
  8. hittheswitch

    Resizing Partition in Windows Vista

    Hey... i have a dell inspiron 1525... I was doing the same process but it takes a long while and then displays an error message saying "Access is denied"
  9. hittheswitch

    Which phone is this ??

    I guess now everybody is able to see the phone... I hope sm1 replies with the correct model.
  10. hittheswitch

    Laptop RAM, Ext. TV Tuner, Headphones and Earphone

    Hey.... I'm willing to pay Rs.550 for the TV tuner including shipping. If intrested, PM Me.
  11. hittheswitch

    Which phone is this ??

    Can anyone tell me which phone is this ?? I've attached the picture of the phone. Thanks in advance.
  12. hittheswitch

    [Tutorial]Reclaim Disk Space After Installing SP1

    this is wat i wntd... thanx a ton !
  13. hittheswitch

    Watch South Park episodes for free

    F**k u guys... im going home :P
  14. hittheswitch

    Nokia N91 8Gb For Sale

    post some snaps dude.... Moi from jalandhar... quote ur price !
  15. hittheswitch

    Backup of the OS as an image....

    You need to use Norton Ghost in order to backup your entire drive as a ghost image. Norton 12, The latest version supports Vista also. The software product is a paid one. Dont have any freeware in mind. Go to some archive sites that host old softwares. Maybe you'll get a DOS mode based backup tool.
  16. hittheswitch

    Torrents vanish

    Has happened with me a hundred times, So i guess im the expert with this. Search your computer, probably the c drive with the parameter ".torrent" (Without the quotes). You'll find all the torrents you have used with utorrent till date. Copy those that were running (45GB data one). Add them up...
  17. hittheswitch

    Easy Recovery - Help Needed !!

    http://mark0.net/soft-trid-deflist.html This also provides the same help. Go to the main webpage of Mark and download the file identifier tool. That also helps.
  18. hittheswitch

    GSM Mobile phone with TV

    These phones are available at dirt cheap prices in Jalandhar... I guess they would be more readily available in delhi and other places. Im getting this phone for Rs. 7000, Brand new and that too with dual sim and 2 megapixel camera.. Here in jalandhar.
  19. hittheswitch

    Easy Recovery - Help Needed !!

    @wizrulz I tired that already... Its not working. @shirish_nagar Im giving your method a try right now... I will post the result soon. Go to http://www.filext.com Search for any file type and see the column that says "Identifying Characters". It gives the Hex code i.e the signature with an...
  20. hittheswitch

    Easy Recovery - Help Needed !!

    Hey... I was recovering data from one of my drives... This drive was accidently formatted. I have been able to recover most of the data from it using RAW recovery in Easy Recovery Professional 6. Now i need to recover 3 more types of files i.e 3GP,ISO,RAR. Easy recovery professional gives u...
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