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  1. =CrAzYG33K=

    Sony Ericsson W200i?

    Any personal reviews on the phone ? I guess it's avble for around 5k ... http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/mobilephones/specifications/w200i Under exchange option, it's a whopping 4k! New models (& colors)...
  2. =CrAzYG33K=

    PC refuses to boot up...

    This is what happened .. My board is a Twin board (ie. supports both DDR and DDR2 RAM) My comp was running perfectly fine on DDR2 RAM. Then wanted to try DDR . Didn't boot. Now changed back to DDR2 and still no boot :( Thing is fan rotates ... But the keyboard's 3 Lights don't come up.. and...
  3. =CrAzYG33K=

    FS: AMD 64 3200+ (skt 939) + ASUS S939 motherboard

    I got an Athlon 64 AMD 3200+ (Socket 939) @ 2.0 GHz (512k L2 cache) + Asus HSF (bought separately) and an ASUS A8V-VM SE (Socket 939) Motherboard ... Motherboard has an onboard graphic solution also... The motherboard is still under warranty, with bill ...
  4. =CrAzYG33K=

    6600GT available in market?

    Is the PCI-E version of 6600GT available at all in the market? I'm confused as a friend pointed out that a new 6600GT PCI-E from BIG/Zebronics with 2-3 years warranty is available for around 2-2.5k !
  5. =CrAzYG33K=

    FS : Dell 1GB DDR RAM

    I've got a 2 months old DELL 1GB DDR400 RAM .. Comes with bill ... and 5 years warranty from Dell ! :D Selling for Rs. 1800 + shipping... Selling since I'm moving on to DDR2...
  6. =CrAzYG33K=

    Can I boot Windows XP from and 80Gb USB HDD?

    I guess I can.. But how do I select it from the options list in the BIOS? I believe there's no USB in the 'Boot' list of the Bios.. :rolleyes:
  7. =CrAzYG33K=

    SATA HDD gets overheated!

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA 1 (120GB) Overheating problem.... This SATA HDD gets overheated quickly. :confused: After say 10 hrs of load time - the HDD drive cannot be accessed at all.. I'm using this HDD alongwith ASUS A8V-VM-SE motherboard... This is detected as the 4th master .. I'm running...
  8. =CrAzYG33K=

    Suggest price for individual components..

    One of my friends has this 2 yr old system.. Can someone please suggest individual prices... If I want to sell them ? AMD Athlon XP @ 2.4 GHz Unknown ASUS motherboard 256 MB DDR Ram Samtron 15" Monitor Intex Speakers - 850W 80 GB HDD Internal Modem (for Dial up)...
  9. =CrAzYG33K=

    FS: XFX Nvidia 6600 Vanilla PCI-E 256MB

    Selling this Card as I'm not using my PCI-E based rig for gaming anymore.. Bought the Card in Feb '07 only ... Works fine.. The card is almost 2 years old ..(bought an used one) It's an 6600 Vanilla 256MB DDR1 PCI-E.. Warranty : Around 3 months left...The sticker of the Indian importer says...
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