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  1. manas

    Buying a new bike...

    I am going to buy a new bike. :p I am only having 125cc/135cc bikes as an option.:( Since I want a good fuel economy along with performance thrown in. The 100cc bikes are too crappy and I cannot afford the fuel economy of the 150cc+ bikes. :D My options currently are Hero Honda Glamour...
  2. manas

    Project in C#.NET or Java ...

    i am going to develop a project (computerised timetable and attendance system of an institution).i have only 2 months for SDLC and choice of choosing either C#.NET or Java. Which platform should I go for ? :confused: Which will be better ?
  3. manas

    Microsoft releases WMP11 update

    Microsoft has released a update to WMP11 today. The new version is 11.0.5721.5146 as against the previous build of 5145. The changelog is not yet available, but it most probably a vulnerability fix. :p Download WMP11
  4. manas

    Google Talk Themes !!

    Google Talk does not support themes by default but here is a person who has created some cool looking GTalk color schemes. There are 6 color schemes as of now. So change the look of GTalk now and surprise your friends. ;)
  5. manas

    Will Vista run on my PC ?

    I know this is crazy.. I have a Pentium IV 1.60 GHz and 512 MB RAM ... Will Vista run on my PC ? I dont want the visual effects. Just wanna try it out at lowest settings ?
  6. manas

    Motorola L7 in Hyderabad

    I want to buy a Motorola L7 mobile. What is the current price of L7 and which is the best place in Hyderabad to buy the mobile ?
  7. manas

    Microsoft Releases First IE7 Update

    Microsoft released first update for IE7 (not for Windows Vista). This update resolves a performance issue with the Phishing Filter. When visiting certain web pages, the Phishing Filter may increase CPU usage while evaluating the page contents and the system may become slow to respond. This...
  8. manas

    Flashget 1.80 Final released

    Flashget 1.80 Final is out. Changes in 1.80 from 1.73 FlashGet Version 1.80 (2006.12) New Feature for V1.80 1. To optimize the download speed after 99% download Bug Fixed List for V1.80 1. To fix the bug of the crash of BHO with...
  9. manas

    Album art for bollywood albums

    Where can I get album art (preferably in square shape) for Bollywood movie albums ?
  10. manas

    Free Office 2007 Professional & Windows Vista DVDs from Microsoft

    Here's a golden opportunity to grab fully licensed DVDs of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Windows Vista Ultimate for free. The free offer comes straight from Microsoft, absolutely no strings attached. Microsoft is giving away free full licensed copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007...
  11. manas

    What is this in utorrent ?

    Today while seeding in utorrent I saw this ... I want to know, what is this "SERVER" and how come the IP address is not resolved ?
  12. manas

    Cap Internet Connection Speed

    Is there any way I can reduce the speed of internet connection of my computer ? I mean, globally reduce the speed.My max speed is 30 KBps.I want to cap it at something around 15KBps ...
  13. manas

    Microsoft & Dell make Vista PC

    Microsoft and Dell recently partnered up to create a super-cool custom PC in celebration of Microsoft releasing Windows Vista to manufacturing earlier this month.Here are the system specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Processor 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX 4GB RAM Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 667mhz...
  14. manas

    Discover Hidden Music in Windows XP

    Did you know, there is a hidden music in Windows XP that you have never heard..;) To hear this sound, first of all go to Folder Options and under the "View" tab, check "Show hidden files and folder" and uncheck "Hide protected system files". Now navigate to the drive where Windows XP is...
  15. manas

    Get your @live.com address

    1. Goto this page to start registering your windows live account. 2. Press the sign-up button and you will be presented a form to sign up for a hotmail account. 3.Copy the following javascript injection code: javascript:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e =...
  16. manas

    Mindless Internet Censorship by the Government

    I am unable to access any blogspot.com blog since yesterday and now I am getting slight hints that it is being blocked in India by some ISP's? Can you access blogspot.com blogs? If yes then what is your ISP,if no then also what is your ISP?
  17. manas

    Best MP4/AAC converter

    I want to know whether MP4 and AAC are the same and which is the best software to convert mp3 files to mp4 or AAC.
  18. manas

    IE7 Beta 3 released

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 includes advancements in security and browsing experience for end users, functionality and compatibility for developers, and manageability for corporate network administrators. Beta 3 is intended to enable developers, web developers, and IT professionals to begin to...
  19. manas

    Trillian plugin for Foobar

    Is there any plugin which will update my status in Trillian to the currently playing song in Foobar 0.9?
  20. manas

    In which programming language?

    In which language are popular softwares like Winamp,utorrent,VLC Player etc. coded?
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