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  1. punchcard

    Can't access a particular website

    I can't access PhotoshopNation - Photoshop Contests & Prizes Every Day. from my broadband IP . I can access it fine by using my mobile internet both on mobile and connecting to PC via USB tethering. I have tried all solutions. Ran network adapter diagnostics tools , flushed DNS and every...
  2. punchcard

    WIFI problem with D-link ADSL router

    I am using airtel wireless broadband. It has direct LAN cable from the rooftop antenna. I connected the source LAN in LAN 1 port of ADSL router, and other LAN cable connecting LAN 4 port and my PC LAN. everything is working fine, i am connected to internet on my PC. When i try to connect wifi in...
  3. punchcard

    Cannot access popular sites

    I cannot access popular sites like youtube,webshots and few others.Internet is working fine for all other sites.I have disabled firewall and few other services but no avail.I am using windows xp sp3.Please help me out.Thanks..
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