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    some stuff

    I might take W550i with revised price.Whats your location?
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    FS:Old Stuff for sale..

    Here is MB for sale. 1.MSI 945GCM5 V2 (FSB 1333) One year old.It comes with 3 years of warranty from MSI. No bill available,warranty from SN. Price-1650+shipping
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    FS: Downloading Rig (Only CPU)

    For these 4 1K shipped maximum.
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    For sale:c2d e4300 rig

    Hold E4300+7100GS+160GB for me...you have PM also..Also post some pictures.May be i will take MB also.
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    FS I wanna sell my Asus Nvidia 7600GT

    1500 shipped
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    FS nokia 6600 in working condition witn 256 mb card

    I am ready to buy..Hold it for me.....check PM and submit payment details.
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    C2D E6300 for sale

    Do a check on current market prices.
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    Want to sell all Computer Parts

    Hold TV Tuner Card for me...Does it comes with remote? PCI or external ?Your message box is closed.
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    Corsair VX 450 For Quick Sale

    I holding SMPS sale for 10 days at least ...
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    Corsair VX 450 For Quick Sale

    As per title i am selling Corsair VX 450 Price-2.9k+shipping at actual. SMPS weight is 3KG They will charge 275 near about.. Its hardly used 4 months old purchased from LYNX with remaining 4.8 years of warranty. Bill and Original Box available. current...
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    Time to remove suse 11....but how?

    SUSE 11 is stable system..never had any problem
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    Which Linux???

    +10 for Mandriva 2009 final. I am using RC2 version its amazingly faster and stable with everything out of box.Installation took only 10min and easy like kids work.
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    80GB SATA Brand new SAMSUNG

    Hard disk sold
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    7600GS 256mb @ 1625+shipping at actual

    card sold to solomon....
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    7600GS 256mb @ 1625+shipping at actual

    Card Sold Price--1625+shipping at actual This card is faster and runs much cooler then 8500GT I have tested both cards. I want to sell XFX 7600GS 256MB PCIe card with 1.5 years(approx) Rashi warranty.I have played game like CRYSIS at medium setting 1024*768 on this card flawless NVIDIA...
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    Help to upgrade my AMD Processor (939 socket)

    Socket AM2 is must for your upgrades...Sell your old Socket 939 based board.
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    need help on 939 socket mobo

    Sell athlon 3000+ processor and buy AM2 based MB with X2 CPU..Purchasing socket 939 these days is not good idea
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    8600gt underperform.

    I have played Crysis on 7600GS PCIe @1024*768 .....There must be some thing wrong with SMPS
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    80GB SATA Brand new SAMSUNG

    How much you can give now?PM me your offer...
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