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    C/C++ help

    I think there is .. I'm not sure though. You've to include the header file <graphics.h>
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    Dell SE-198WFT review

    Can some MOD please change the thread title from SE198WFT to SE198WFP? Nice review! :D
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    UI for JAVA

    +1 for Eclipse... It's the most widely used app. Dunno how you missed it!
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    Miscellaneous pc parts sale in chennai

    YGPM - krsamy!!!
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    AOC 24" lcd review [B]416V[/B]

    Nice review there ! Heard the 19" from AOC is for around 7k! Yes, you heard it right - 7k!! :eek: How's AOC as a brand? Sturdy?
  6. =CrAzYG33K=

    Kodak 8.0 MP camera -(Brand New)

    ^ Nice catch there burn Whaddaya have to saw Keith ?
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    Need a mobile for Rs 5K.. is Z550i any good? [IMG]http://gigasmilies.googlepages.com/

    Re: Need a mobile for Rs 5K.. is Z550i any good? [IMG]http://gigasmilies.googlepages. What's the price range for the Nokia 3500 ??
  8. =CrAzYG33K=

    JPEG Image compression help (Transferring image from digicam to PC)

    If you could do well in MS paint .. it'd work wonders with Photoshop CS3 .. Try it in Photoshop! I guess all images can be compresed in one go .. Probably it's called batch image processing ?
  9. =CrAzYG33K=

    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Hey dude - Can you review that LCD .. ? Is it with DVI - or only analog out ? 1GB DDR2 for 1.2k ?? I got 1GB for 900 bucks 2 months back! Have RAM prices shot up ?
  10. =CrAzYG33K=

    Are u frustrated with ur ISP ?

    Airtel's been crapping me of late ! :(
  11. =CrAzYG33K=

    Cheap cell phone to accompany mp3 player.

    SE W200i Latest price : 4.8k :) http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=78924
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    IBM to buy out AMD

    TheInquirer is a highly unreliable source of information. Do not go by it! :mrgreen:
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    Sony Ericsson W200i?

    Any personal reviews on the phone ? I guess it's avble for around 5k ... http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/products/mobilephones/specifications/w200i Under exchange option, it's a whopping 4k! New models (& colors)...
  14. =CrAzYG33K=

    Quick Look at 19" TFT vx1945wm

    Oh! Can you point me to its review ? 1. Is it the same panel as VX1945WM ? btw, what panel is VX1945WM ? 2. What's the difference then ? Only the speakers and the Viewdock? 3. Was the DVI and VGA cables bundled alongwith vg1930wm also??
  15. =CrAzYG33K=

    PC refuses to boot up...

    ^ You're assuming it's a memory issue?
  16. =CrAzYG33K=

    PC refuses to boot up...

    This is what happened .. My board is a Twin board (ie. supports both DDR and DDR2 RAM) My comp was running perfectly fine on DDR2 RAM. Then wanted to try DDR . Didn't boot. Now changed back to DDR2 and still no boot :( Thing is fan rotates ... But the keyboard's 3 Lights don't come up.. and...
  17. =CrAzYG33K=

    FS: AMD 64 3200+ (skt 939) + ASUS S939 motherboard

    lol - This big a discussion and I was not aware of it.. The Sempron is a budget processor and just that! :D If you are looking at gaming, just forget the semprons! Here's an old link I dug up ... http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=390&p=0 I also found that the L2 Cache on the...
  18. =CrAzYG33K=

    FS: AMD 64 3200+ (skt 939) + ASUS S939 motherboard

    I got an Athlon 64 AMD 3200+ (Socket 939) @ 2.0 GHz (512k L2 cache) + Asus HSF (bought separately) and an ASUS A8V-VM SE (Socket 939) Motherboard ... Motherboard has an onboard graphic solution also... The motherboard is still under warranty, with bill ...
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    four months old Cooler master 380W smps/psu

    Yeah Even I'm interested ...
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