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  1. bobby23

    System upgrade

    I want to upgrade certain components of my system. I have bold the components I want to upgrade. My old system configuration: Processor: Intel core 2 duo E6700 Motherboard: Asus Commando Ram: 2*2 GB DDR2 Transcend Graphics Card: Asus 8400GS (Had 8800GTS but went kaput) PSU: Zebronics...
  2. bobby23

    Vancouver film school - Game design Feb 2012

    I am thinking of game design in Vancouver film school for Feb 2012. I would like your opinions on the game design course in VFS. I would like to know about: 1. How good is it? Is it worth spending the huge amount or are the private institutes in India like ICAT, Arena etc. better? 2. How is...
  3. bobby23

    HDD got burned

    I have the following system: Intel E6700 2.66 Ghz CPU Asus Commando Motherboard 2x2 GB DDR2 Ram 250 GB HDD Sata 2 (Windows 7 is installed in this HDD) 500 GB HDD Sata 2 (where I keep all the files) 400W Zebronics PSU Asus 8400GS graphics card Samsung Sata DVD writer ViewSonic 19”...
  4. bobby23

    UDK running slow

    I have the following system: Intel Core 2 duo E6700 Asus Commando motherboard 4GB DDR2 Ram 250 & 500Gb HDD 400W Zebronics PSU nVidia 8400GS graphics card Win 7 x64 My problem is I have UDK July 2011 Version installed. It installed properly and works but is very very slow not only UDK but...
  5. bobby23

    Auto start an application after closing another application

    Is there a way for me to auto start ccleaner and automatically Run Cleaner after I close Google chrome every time?
  6. bobby23

    Gaming rig for 65K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Primary purpose 60% - 70% Gaming. Secondary purpose 3D animation I use MAYA. 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products...
  7. bobby23

    Digit June 2009 tech careers booklet

    Does anyone remember Digit June 2009 tech careers booklet, which was given for Digit's 2009 anniversary? I lost that booklet. I am looking for another copy of it, anyone know where to get it? Maybe a digital copy or second hand copy, any copy is ok.
  8. bobby23

    23 or 24" monitor

    I want to buy a new either 23 or 24" monitor. The choices are: ASUS ML238H Asus MS246H Asus MS238H Benq G2420HD Dell ST2410 I am thinking of Asus MS246H because it is very stylish looking, affordable and doesn't compromise features. My main uses are connecting PS3 (this is actually the...
  9. bobby23

    Upgrading the system to gaming rig

    I am planning to upgrade certain components (highlighted in red) of my system, my system config is: 1. Intel core 2 duo E6700 2. Asus commando motherboard 3. 4GB (2*2) Transcend ram 4. 19" View sonic LCD monitor 5. Nvidia 8400GS graphics card (originally had 8800gts 640mb but went kaput)...
  10. bobby23

    Should DDR2 rams be in pair?

    I have the following system: Core 2 duo E6700 Asus motherboard (Supports up to 8GB) 250GB Seagate HDD 2*2 GB DDR2 Transcend Ram 450W Zebronics SMPS I want to upgrade my Ram, is it possible to buy another 2 GB stick and have 6GB memory or only 8GB is possible?
  11. bobby23

    Bought a brand new Samsung Wave

    Hello everyone. I just bought a brand new Samsung Wave yesterday. It is an awesome phone, this is first time buying a touch screen phone I it’s just awesome. The screen is very good and the 5MP camera is rocking. But I have few issues actually they may not be issues, since I am new to touch...
  12. bobby23

    Monitor for PS3

    Hi, I have been using the PS3 Slim with normal CRT TV, I am planning to buy a 24” monitor, I have decided on Dell ST2410 which is around 12k. Any ideas about the model or any other model with better features in the same price tag?
  13. bobby23

    Which is better Samsung Corby B5310 or Samsung S5620 Monte

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a new cell phone and I have decided on these two, Samsung Corby B5310 and Samsung S5620 Monte, I am not sure which one to buy. Both have same price range and and almost the same features the differences are: Corby 2.8" screen Monte 3" screen Corby 16M colors...
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