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    Problem with Real Player

    I downloaded Real Player free edition over internet. But, when I try to install it tries to connect the internet and tells that "Connection not available" though my computer is connected to internet. Why this is so? How can I get aroung the problem?
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    DVD Drive

    Which DVD RW Drive has support for latest dvd format including blue ray?
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    Gaming Card for my Old PC

    My PC is Intel P4 with Intel 845GVSR mobo. HDD is 80 GB RAM 512 MB. Can I install a gaming card into it? If yes, kindly provide me details of the card and also from where it is available at Kolkata.
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    Software Market at Kolkata

    When I enquired about some software like Mathematica etc. at different shops at Chandni I was told that those may be available at the Software market but didnot divulge any details of where it is located at kolkata. Can anybody help?
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    Problem with AdAware Free Edition

    I have for long time used AdAware SE Personal Edition to keep my PC free form Adware and Spyware free. It was very fast and gave good results. Recently I downloaded the latest version AdAware 2009 (perhaps the version name is right). It took long time to download and install, coulnot be...
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    Upgrading PC

    I would like to upgrade my PC to Intel CORE 2 DUO. I would like to know if I have to install any gaming card for playing games. Also, I would like to know if any sound card/ add on card etc. is required for multimedia functionality. Equivalent AMD configuration suggestion is also required.
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    Regarding Intel i3 and i5 processor

    I would like to know whether Intel i3 and i5 processor can run win xp sp2, win 98SE and DOS. Kindly help.
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    Viewing YouTube videos

    While viewing Youtube videos the video stops briefly every one or two minutes and then starts. Why this is happening and what to do to get around the situation? Can anybody help?
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    Free Software like Norton Sytemworks

    Can anybody suggest any freeware/ open source software which can do all the job that Norton Systemworks can do?
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    Counting Records In A Report In Ms Access

    I would like to count the number of records in a report formed from a query. I am getting "#Error?" message. I have entered control source property of the text box to Count(*) and am using MS Access 97. Kindly help.
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    Can't burn DVD from Hard disk

    I am unable to burn DVD's from my hard disk with Nero Express provided with my LG DVD Writer. It is showing some thing like "cannot burn in 'Disk At Once' mode". However, I am unable to change it to Track-at-Once. Kindly Help.
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    Branded or Assembled?

    If I buy a new computer which should I opt - Branded or Assembled? Are Branded computers cheaper? If so, how they are providing it cheap?
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    Where is Blogspot?

    Newspapers say that the ban on blogspot has been lifted 10 days back. But whenever I type www.blogspot.com I am directed to www.blogger.com. Why this is so? I am using BSNL broadband.
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    PC configuration between 15 to 20k

    Can anybody suggest me a PC configuration at price between 15 to 20k? The PC should be compatible with Windows 98SE. :?:
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    BIOS Password

    Can any body tell me how to break BIOS password?
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