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  1. manas

    How Is Dell Service?

    I have a Dell laptop. In Hyderabad the service has been really good. My laptop is covered under something called NBD warranty. So they send the technician to my house on the next business day. So if I call on Monday, my laptop is fixed on Tuesday. :) I have called 3-4 times in the last 2 years...
  2. manas

    Gnome 2.24 Released : Gnome Goes Mobile

    Waiting for 2.24 to come into ArchLinux repos... :) GNOME 2.24 + Murrine SVN = Great looking GNOME ;)
  3. manas

    VLC 0.9.2 Released

    Looks great... Two of the best media players for Linux, Amarok and VLC both are now using QT4. :)
  4. manas

    Chrome Captures 1% Market Share In Just Nine Hours

    You can get the portable version of Chrome at : http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/2008/09/03/portable-chrome-021510/
  5. manas

    Wordpress 2.5.1 and Wordpress 2.6.1?

    In one word.... Yes !
  6. manas


    XP3 ? Heard that for the first time.... :p Are you talking abt XP SP3 ?
  7. manas

    Vista Business -- SP1 or not?

    I upgraded my Vista Business to SP1 on my Vostro laptop... Updated through Windows Update. No problems... And yes there is an improvement in the performance and the responsiveness of Vista.
  8. manas

    Google ads Netbanking as payment option for India!!

    Still waiting for the EFT option for Google Adsense....
  9. manas

    Indyan,Pathik & goobimama new mods

    Congrats ....
  10. manas

    New wordpress theme: Fodri Pulao

    Nice theme.... :) Looks cool because of the transparency...
  11. manas

    how to update nod32 without internet?

    ^^ If that works... its cool... I did not know there was an offline way to update NOD32. :)
  12. manas

    Sites for preparing Resume?

    http://jobmob.co.il/blog/beautiful-resume-ideas-that-work/ Check this link out.... Some very cool resumes. But again I dont know how much will be appicable to you. :)
  13. manas

    Which phone is this ??

    Cannot see attachment....
  14. manas

    How to avoid showing saved password in Firefox

    Set a master password... Everytime you start Firefox you will first be asked the master password. Then only you will be able to use your saved passwords. Also if Firefox is open and your friends try to see your saved passwords, it will again ask for the master password. You can set master...
  15. manas

    Airtel catches the iPhone Bus

    Cool.... :)
  16. manas

    Please review my site

    Just one suggestion.... Change the theme... Thats the first thing you need to do...
  17. manas

    24online client for windows vista

    I also use Windows Vista and my ISP uses that 24online thing. Since the client does not work, I am using the browser based login screen. Works just fine for me. :)
  18. manas

    Got job in Delhi, now moving

  19. manas

    Vista showing 3.5gb ram but i got 5gb

    Have you installed Vista SP1 ? If no then do that.
  20. manas

    XPS M1530: a brief review

    gx_saurav is right.. Do a fresh install of Vista and install Service Pack 1. It improves Vista's responsiveness a lot. :)
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