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    Changing phpbb banner link

    how do you change the link of the banner in phpbb like it's been done on this website???
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    Categories in Blogger

    Blogger - The Best Place to start Blogging - Probably True Blogger - The Best Blogging Platform - Definately Not True One major functionality that blogger lacks is categories, which is present in almost every other decent blogging platforms. So if you, like i once was, are irritated with the...
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    Pls Help, Need Serious Performance Boost

    These days, all i have is an old omnibook 900. Config -p3, 300 Mhz -ram-128 mb, -shared video memory -other bad things I am on win xp(please don't ask me to change, i can't), i've tried to optimise it but to very little avail, i am now in desperate need of really good speed tweaks...
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    Switch Off A Bluetooth Phone that searches for you

    This article was first featured on my blog at www.cyberia.in it's supposed to work only on S60 phones, anyway good defence against cabir virus and bluejack. "This trick is awesome and can easily confuse anyone! what it does is that it turns off any phone that has bluetooth turned on and...
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    Shareaza - The Best P2P Client

    This article was first featured on my blog at http://www.cyberia.in To start off, i'd like to mention the networks it supports - gnutella, gnutella2, edonkey2000, mesh, morpheus, bitorrent. They're probably five of the best p2p networks today, and shareaza searches and downloads from any of...
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    Beginner's Guide to P2P

    This article is intended for beginners to indroduce them to p2p. It was first featured on my blog [edited] P2P, Peer to Peer, is one of the most popular methods of sharing files over the internet. Because this is a website about applying technolgy rather than describing the technical stuff...
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    Identifing USB 2.0

    How do you deifferentiate between a usb 1.1 and 2.0 port from the outside?
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    Domain Descision

    I need a .in domain simply for redirecting to another site. What's the cheapest option. Remember that .in is needed
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    Dataone on Sulabh Connection

    Is it possible to get dataone on sulabh connection (incoming only)
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    'Shared' Cable Connection

    What exactly is a shared connection (not the one shared by lan but the one given by cable operators), ie how it works, what impact it has on claimed speeds, etc... Please help.
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    Is Modem required after router?

    I am soon getting dishnet dsl connection (business) and i am interested in the linksys-g router and adapters. Will i need the dsl modem or can i directly plug the line into the router and will the connection be automatically be distributed. If i still need the modem, then at what point in...
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    Wi-Fi Home Networking?

    Please, i relly need some resources (documents, whitepapers, etc.) for simple but detailed wi-fi networking for homes and small-office, something like a guide or something. Please Help!
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