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    Vodafone launches Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick

    got the news in mail http://www.vodafone.in/existingusers/vbs/pages/3gusbstick.aspx pricing 5500/- no details bout the rental.
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    Coming Soon: Inspiron Mini 12

    Dell has announced a new netbook, the latest addition to their inspiron series. It will launch online November end with configurations starting at 600 US$. Source: Dell Announces The Inspiron Mini 12: The Netbook Everyone Wants for Christmas
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    Blank dvds

    hi. i m luking to buy a 100 blank dvd box for backing up my data. can u tell me which brand to go in for? will sony 16x dvd+r b a gud option? and how to tell whether they r genuine as many fakes r floating around in the market. and wot wud b the cost of box of 100?
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    Xp Sp3

    any ideas when the final version of SP3 will b released officially?
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    Review Thread: The online stores in india

    hello guys. use this thread to review the services of online shopping stores in india. i ll start wid indiaplaza.in Site: Indiaplaza.in Purchased: Nokia 1200 Cost: 1450 (almost equal to prevailing prices in the market) Payment option used: Paymate credit:D Shipping Charges: nil Any other...
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    HDD buffer and speaker costs

    hi frnds i have got two queries i want to buy the 250gb HDD. i planned to buy seagate but 16mb buffer model is not available in our place. so will the 8mb buffer model b ok or 16mb buffer has an worthwhile advantage? i tried for WD but the hdd costs 3300 rs. so wot to do? also, i was planning...
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    connect lcd wid mahine far away

    i want to connect my lcd monitor to the machine at a distance of 20 feet. can i get a cable tht can help me to do tht?
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    new machine!! help!!

    i am planning a new machine for my frnd here's wot i need a lcd around 10k (is Viewsonic VG1921wm gud?) ram 1gb.. enough, i suppose? processor+ mobo around 9k ?? E4300+which mobo or shud i go for AMD? my basic requirement is tht i must b able to play the HD muvie rips.. pls help guys
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    laptop around 30k

    i need a laptop for my personal use for around 30k. pls suggest me something as i have never bought a laptop before..
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    unable to open drives

    hi frnds. my frnd is having a prob wid his pc. can any1 help heres wot he has to say "I was infected by some Trojan ...don't remember its name ... and after that something happened to my hard drivers .... every time I try to enter one of them like D: or E: ....etc ... i got this problem in...
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    jail for bittorrent uploader

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/security/jail-for-bittorrent-bandit-big-crook/2007/05/18/1178995417708.html so are things getting a bit risky now at filesharing protoclos?
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    help regarding linux

    sorry for making a double post guys, but really need setting up vpn whcih runs fedora core 6. got no idea about it so anybody whom i can trust and who can help me??
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    pc for different users

    hey i want to share my pc among two users using windows xp. the two users shouldnot b able to use each others' files etc and have completely different partitions and os to use for themselves with a single common partition as well pls help!! regards varun
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    Protect UR dataone password from stealers

    hello these days many of people are facing problems of their dataone broarband passwords being stolen and ending up with huge bills with no fault of theirs. there are many ppl who are claimimng to b able to hack the dataone passwords but most of them are stealers rather than hackers. so all u...
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    new pc for 25k

    i have a young friend, a 16 yr old guy who wants to buy a pc within range of 25 k he is intersted in playing games and wants a good lcd and good sound for his pc for 25 k. pls suggest some config for 25 k including lcd. pls mention the brand also
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    some cool game pls

    my computer config is amd 3500+, with 512mb ram, nvidia 6150 inbuilt grafix pls suggest me some cool latest games with gud storyline and also some racing games, and excellent grafix tht i can run on my pc.
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    prob wid suse 10.2 installation

    i downloaded suse 10.2 dvd iso n burnt it on dvd now when i start the installation with default options, it starts the installation. the installation just starts ok, but after a couple of mins i get error "ethtools not found". even if i try to ignore it, the installation just stops. pls help...
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    dataone router settings

    i ve ut300r2u router i am using it under bridged mode can sm1 tell me how to set it in pppoe mode bcoz i am unable to do so by just changing the option to pppoe and saving my username and password
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    help me

    i have a query guys. if its foolish, pls excuse me. i am having dataone broadband connection using it with type 1 modem (ut-300ru). it has one lan, one usb port i am using it with lan. now wot i want to knw is can i use the lan and usb simultaneously on my compuer and logging in thru both ports...
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    system security

    i want security for my system. i was using mcafee antivirus till now but i think we need internet security these days rather than simple plain antivirus. then i installed avast + comodo firewall. but it gr8ly reduced my dwnl speeds. so i want my system to b secure but not affecting my dwnld...
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