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    Plz help... I can't use Datatraveler 2.0 on Vista.. it requires Drivers..

    Plz help... I can't use Datatraveler 2.0 on Vista.. it requires Drivers.. but i can't find any drivers?? thta shouldn't have happened with Vista..but its happening...so plz help
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    Internet Explorer 7 Crashes on starting a download

    guyz IE7 crashes whenever i start a new download... me using Vista Ultimate. I tried to reset IE but it didn't work... i also tried running no addon mode.. it didn't help too... plz help me... i do not want to use some download manager to download small files...plz HELP!!!!
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    Indigo prophecy Trainer needed...

    guyz plz help.... I need the trainer for Indiigo prophecy...
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    Azureus giving problems:Bad Header

    Whenever i try to download anything from Azureus it shows some error message saying the file could not be opened Bad Header.... blah blah.. any suggestion on how i can get rid of that??? i think reinstalling it would work.. but not tried it... if it works i'll post it here..
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    Excess Bandwidth being used of Dataone

    I use Dataone Home 500 Plan which has a limit of 2.5 GB lately excess of my bandwidth is being used... even if i don't do anything..just connecting to the net and the bandwidth is being used at above 220 KBPS .... it never happened before.. it just started when i formatted my PC. Automatic...
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    guyz help.... i cannot see the icon of my DVD drive in "My Computer".. I can see the device in Device Manager... it can even run bootable CD's and DVD's but cannot show me any contents of the CD while my OS is on... i can hear the sound of the optical media running in the drive but it just win't...
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    OS(XP Home) Crashing on using Azureus

    guyz plz help me... when ever i open Azureus the OS crashes .... the blue screen of doom is shown and the OS crashes...and i forgot to tell it never happened before... i've been usin azureus for the last 1.5 years but it never happened before....
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    Whats the full form of WWW

    ppl out there.... plz tell me all the full forms of WWW u know...
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