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    Confused about WiFi router to buy

    AFAIK airtel only provides type two modem
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    Confused about WiFi router to buy

    @mithun_mrg what is a type 2 modem. I am planning for Airtel connection, what wired modem do they give? This modem Flipkart: Asus DSL-N10: Router is really cheaper than Dlink one. Any reviews about it?
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    Confused about WiFi router to buy

    Now I remember one thing. The ADSL model itself is a router. How does one connect ADSL router to Wi-Fi router?
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    Confused about WiFi router to buy

    I am planning to get broadband ADSL connection. However I am confused about the hardware to purchase for it. I want to go for a separate WiFi router and ADSL modem so that the WiFi router can then be used separately with other kinds of connections as well. This cheap and good model DLink...
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    Which ebook reader to purchase?

    I am thinking to buy an ebook reader. I liked the specs of kindle, but it has lot of limitations w.r.t. store and DRM. Which ebook reader would you suggest. My price limitation is ~ $120
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    Translitrerate paragraphs of text

    Google Transliterate converts text to local script as I type. However I have bunch of text paragraphs which I want to transliterate in one go. How can I do that?
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    Anyone ever heard about Alcatel OT 880

    I found this phone on flipkart: Alcatel OT880 Price In India: Buy Alcatel OT880: Price, Reviews: Flipkart Mobiles (Dark Grey) The video looks very impressive! Can you please tell your opinion about this phone.
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    Hosting facebook applications

    Is there any service which provides free hosting of facebook applications?
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    Phone for ~9k

    I am quite interested in Samsung galaxy pop. But again got confused with Nokia c5-03. Its raging Android vs dying Symbian. What to do?
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    Suggest a phone for ~5k

    ^^ My friend told me that Spiro hangs a lot.
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    Suggest a phone for ~5k

    A phone which can handle messaging, nominal surfing, FM and music well and support PC connectivity. Good camera is a plus. I am up for Nokia X2-00 and Nokia X2-01, former has good camera and latter has qwerty pad. Confused between two.
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    Suggest a phone for ~5k

    I am buying a new phone. What model be the best set for Rs. 5000?
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    Any problems in Videocon Zeus

    Videocon Zeus is the new Android phone with good specs. But at the price available and goodies available in the box it looks a bit fishy. Please tell me how is the phone?
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    Sony K550i how to do I recover the bricked phone

    My Sony K550i phone which was upgraded to W610 firmware from this guide The Complete k550i/w610i flashing Refrence | SE Flashing long ago was working fine. But few days back it stopped working. The phone just won't turn on. The red light of the infrared blinks when I press the power button...
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    Nokia C5 or Nokia 5230?

    Even I am confused. The 600 MHz CPU of C5 looks great and the durability of touchscreen is apprehensive too. However the screen size of 5230 and accelerometer is undeniable advantage.
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    Bypass the download limit

    Our college uses squid proxy and has set the rules to deny downloads of files with size more than 200MB. This irks many times since today many application packages go beyond 500MB. How to bypass this limit. Please help.
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    Which laptop: Compaq or Dell

    How about lenovo? well HP's are costly....
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    Which laptop: Compaq or Dell

    How about lenovo? well HP's are costly....
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    Which laptop: Compaq or Dell

    Hello, I am about to buy a laptop. Budget is around 38k. Initially I thought that Dell Inspiron 1545 is a good choice. But the similar config from Compaq is coming a bit cheaper (~1k). I can't tell the difference and they are almost equally trusted brands. What do you suggest guys...
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    Use Gmail to access IMAP mail

    I have an IMAP enabled mail provided to me by my university. Can I use my Gmail web interface to access the email of my university mailbox, as the former is a more powerful interface.
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