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    pc to fax

    can anyone help me I want to send a page as a fax to my agent in dubai.I have BSNL Dataone connection and the agents fax number.Is it possible to send him a fax from my pc using internet ??? if anyone knows then pls tell me how ?
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    Help me buy a new modem

    Hi Friends I have a Bsnl Dataone broadband (HOME 500)connection with UT300R2U ADSL modem supplied by bsnl on rent.Now the problem is i have 2 computers in home and with this stupid modem with just one Lan Port it isn't possible to Connect both computers at the same time therefore I want to...
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    Linux & Windows

    Pls take time to answer this I have two computers at home one have Red Hat Linux 7.1 Installed and the other have WinXP (SP2)Installed.Both are Networked over LAN.Now I want the user of WIN XP machine to connect to the machine running Linux (& vice versa) as a User and run all the...
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    4 Year Old Problem

    Well guys at last my 4 year old processor (P III 933 Mhz Socket 370) failed after frequent PC hangs.Now I have to get a nwe one but sadly the box pack of New P III CPUS are not available in Kolkata. All that is available is Old (second hand) Used ones.The dealers are Saying that I cannot get new...
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    compro in kolkata

    Hello all I have decided to get Compro Video Mate TV Gold Plus (Tv Tuner Card).Now I want your opinion about it.Please know me its current price and Most Importantly from Where can i get it in Kolkata.
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    Serious Trouble Help Me!!!

    I am is from Calcutta and have purchased my following config a week ago Amd 64 3200 Socket 939 + MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum + 512Mb DDR Kingston Ram + 200 GB SATA HDD + 17 " Samsung Flat Monitor + Liteon Dvd Drive + Logitech KB and Mouse Etc. About the Agp Card I wanted ATI radeon 9800 pro...
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    Critical Lan Problem

    I have two computers at home both using Win Xp sp2 and one dialup internet connection.Now i have Networked both pcs across LAN primarily for sharing the only internet connction between them using winxp built in internet connection sharing.I have made one computer Server (which connects to...
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    Lan Messages

    Does anyone Knows how to Send Messages across LAN which popsup on the desktop of users and they have no option but to read it? All the computers and me are using Win Xp
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    2 Pcs + 1 Internet Connection

    I have 2 computers at home and a single phone line(dial up).One Pc is equipped with a D-link external modem (56Kbps) and its mobo has inbuilt Dual Lan Cards. Now I want to connect both the computers to internet using a single phone line that I have.So now Please tell me what appropriate hardware...
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    Help needed

    Hi to all friends Very Soon I Will Have a AMD 64 3200+ MSI K8N Neo Platinum 512 MB DDR 400 Seagate 200 GB SATA HDD 350 W PSU Sony 16X DVD Rom Liteon 16X Dual layer DVD Writer Samsung 17" 793MB Flat Monitor LOGITECH KB & OPTICAL Mouse GEFORCE XFX 5700 LE 256MB I am going to...
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    very urgent

    Hi friends I am going to buy an amd 64 ???? socket 939 based sys but can't really decide on which model (thats why ????).I have came to know that any amd proc can be overclocked significantly so now tell me which one should i go about ??? and how much can i overclock it? The proc you recommend...
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    Processor for Encoding?

    Hello everyone Please take little time to suggest me the following My current Pc config is P III 933Mhz Proc + MSI mobo 40 Gb Hdd 256Mb Ram.Now The basic work of Mine requires ripping & encoding Dvds to Vcds and sometimes divx but with the current config it takes hours to rip a single...
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    Modem Woes

    I am using P 3 933 / MSI 6137 Mobo + 256 Mb Ram 40 Gb HDD and using Win XP PRO.Recently I purchased a D-LINK DFM 560ES 56 Kbps External Modem but whenever I connect to the Internet it says "Connected at 40 Kbps or atmost at 44 Kbps during latenights/earlymornings. All I want to know why is it...
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    Comparing Amd Vs Intel

    Hey Answer this please Please look at the following table and tell me the truth. Processor Frequency L2 Cache Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 GHz 1 MB Athlon 64 3400+ 2.4 GHz 512 KB...
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    Hi friends Please help me with following to buy a new sys with a budget of 50k. 1. Suggest me the best configuration for buying a AMD based Processor. 2. Is there any MOBO currently available(in india) that supports PCI express 16x? 3. Should I get the sys now or wait some...
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    Mobo help

    Hi Guys I am going for to buy a new System(AMD based) very soon.I have Heard that Socket 939 is a better choice how about it?Regarding motherboards which is the better chipset NFORCE 3 250GB based chipset or VIA K8T800Pro or any other pls suggest?Regarding motherboards is Asus A8V Deluxe a good...
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    Automatic Downloading

    Is there any download Manager that can automatically download the next job in the download q after completing the previous one.I mean downloading downloading one job after another but one at a time till all the unfinished are done without any user intervention? If anyone knows such a App then...
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    AMD Help

    Hi guys I wanna buy a high end pc but a little confused about it.actually i have a strong urge to go for Amd Athlon 64 3200+ and Asus K8N-E Deluxe MB(Suggest any better).But I am also Considering for P4 3.4 Ghz and Intel 865GFB MB Suggest any better).My Confusion is whether Amd Athlon 64 3200+...
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    Suggest Dvd Rom

    Hi Friends I am Planning to buy a new Dvd Rom Drive so Please suggest me a good one(latest but best) which can play most formats and also can be made region free.I mean easy RPC1 Firmware update so that i can play Dvds from any region
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