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    avi to mkv

    I have been searching endlessly to find a program to convert my avi format to MKV . I found Pavtube Video Converter by google, it actually WORKED!!! I think it might be worth it to buy. http://www.pavtube.com/video_converter/
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    Movie DVD Authoring

    Hi,Phantom i dont think there is a program has the option of setting the output file size.but u can set the bitrate lower(To get higher video and audio quality, you can select a higher video and audio bit rate. But the file size will be larger.) If ur DVD player supports divx/xvid,u can...
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    Best HD Video converter ?

    my phone: BB Blod9000 my converter:Pavtube Video Converter(edit and convert videos among almost all video and audio formats) i convert my videos to .wmv(480*320,256kbps,15fps) This converter has fast conversion speed and pretty good output video and audio.It is said that this software...
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    Download youtube videos automatically

    Software that may help you is Pavtube YouTube Converter . It is an extremely easy-to-use downloader and converter with unrivalled speed and quality. What’s more, it supports auto sniffer, which will let you choose to automatically detect and download web online video (*.flv,*f4v) from...
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    Downloading Video For My Mobile....

    try Pavuteb Youtube converter ,download youtube videos with flv/f4v format,then converter them to .mp4
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    DVD ripper

    Thanks, I am looking for DVD Ripper, I will try it, thanks for your help.
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