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  1. aminsagar123

    indian n82 with 3 prepaid in australia

    hi guys, i have a question... m going to australia and gt nokia n82, will the n82 bought frm india work with 3 prepaid in australia. please guide me asap. thanks.
  2. aminsagar123

    Buying iphone from Australia

    I was thinking to buy iPhone but exaggerated iphone prices by airtel and vodafone have set me back. :mad: I am going to australia next week. I was thinking may be i can buy an iphone from there. Where can i buy iphone in Melbourne Australia and are the prices good as compared to india ...
  3. aminsagar123

    SRT Subtitle Framerate

    Is there any way to change framerate of srt subtitles in subtitle workshop or any other freeware. I have a movie with 23fps and subtitle with 25fps. Please help.
  4. aminsagar123

    Paypal Payment Stopped. Need Urgent Help.

    Hi, I recently sold a website on digital point forums for $460. Yesterday, the buyer sent me the credit card payment of $460 via paypal and i accepted it. I transferred the domain and website to the buyer. After few minutes i initiated fund withdrawal of $440 to my icici bank account. Now...
  5. aminsagar123

    Dataone is Down

    Hi Guys, I left my PC running between 2am to 8 am with scheduled downloads, when i checked in the morning nothing got downloaded. Then i tried to connect manually but i was unable to establish a connection to dataone. I tried to change the broadband password but i was getting an invalid...
  6. aminsagar123

    PowerDVD Resume

    PowerDVD has a resume feature for DVDs but it doesn't work if we import and play media files. Is there any way to save movie position in Power DVD so we can resume from that point at a later time ? Thanks.
  7. aminsagar123

    Vocabulary Building Software

    Hi Friends, are there any good softwares for vocabulary building. Thanks.
  8. aminsagar123

    HP DV6767TX: Quick Play Software for Windows XP

    Hi Friends, I got HP DV6767TX Notebook, I just downgraded from Vista to Windows XP Pro and was able to find all the drivers. Now everything is working fine but i am unable to find HP QuickPlay software, the one that i have doesn't work with Windows XP. I only want the windows version of...
  9. aminsagar123

    BSNL Blunder

    Today i opened bbservice.bsnl.in to check my dataone usage. See what opened. Second try I am a dataone customer from jalandhar, punjab. :mad:
  10. aminsagar123

    Nero Max Writing Speed

    I use Nero 8 to write CDs/DVDs using my HP DV6000 Laptop's DVD writer. Most of the times, Nero writes the CDs/DVDs at half the max speed inscribed on the media. any way to fix it ? :confused: Thank you.
  11. aminsagar123

    DivX Subtitles

    Hi Friends, Please tell me about some good websites where i can easily find subtitles for DivX movies. Thanks. :D
  12. aminsagar123

    Please Recommend some good Romatic movies! (English only)

    I think i have watched enough Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller movies. So, for a change. Please recommend me some good Romantic ones. already found some good ones... - Love Actually - Just Like Heaven - The Girl Next Door Thanks . :D
  13. aminsagar123

    HP Laptop. Display Brightness Problem.

    Hi Friends, I have HP DV6767 Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. Like all HP laptops i can increase and decrease the display brightness by using Fn+F7 and Fn+F8 keys. But sometimes after waking the computer from Hibernate. The change display brightness keys doesn't work. Also if i open...
  14. aminsagar123

    DVD Player. With DIVX XVID Support.

    Hi Friends, My cousin in hostel, wanna buy a DVD Player. 1. It should play both NTSC+PAL formats. 2. It should have DivX and Xvid Support. 3. CD-RW , DVD-RW Support. Please suggest decent inexpensive player. Thanks in advance.:)
  15. aminsagar123

    Best 8 GB Pen Drive

    Hello Friends, What is the best 8 GB pen drive available. I am thinking about Kingston or Transcend. Transcend is slightly cheaper. Also it has something called Jetflash technology. Do you know what's that. Kingston comes with 5 years warranty. Transcend has lifetime warranty. I am...
  16. aminsagar123

    Movies Forum

    Hello Friends, What you think is the best movie discussion forum out there. I heard about some website where i can put list of my favourite movies and it will suggest other titles that i may like. Do you know any such site ? please share if you do. thanks for reading.
  17. aminsagar123

    S-Video Cable for HP DV6767

    Hi Friends, I got HP DV6767TX Laptop with S-Video support. I got an an old Onida TV in my room that got the following ports. What kind of cable do i need to connect it to my TV. Please provide link to ebay auction if you can. Thanks a lot.
  18. aminsagar123

    a question about laptop battery and over-charging

    Hi, I heard that laptops got built-in charge monitoring circuit, which cuts off supply to battery when it senses that the batteries are fully charged. i leave the laptop in hibernate mode every night with the charger connected. it wakes up automatically at 2 am to start downloads, then shuts...
  19. aminsagar123

    Monitor downloads via wap ?

    Hello Friends, I have BSNL Home 500 Plan and i download stuff from rapidshare every night during free hours. I use flashget for downloading. is there any way i can monitor what's going on the laptop or flashget using my nokia n95. is it possible ? thanks in advance.
  20. aminsagar123

    Dataone Portal Password

    I am getting invalid password error while trying to check dataone usage from http://bbservice.bsnl.in :mad: i never changed the password. how can i retrieved the password ? :confused: thanks in advance.
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